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Understanding The Differences between the Financial Ledgers for Reporting


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Financial Ledgers Master Data Elements

Groups Master Data

Value Types / Document Types Layouts

SAP Modules Financial Accounting (FI) Controlling (CO) Funds Management (FM) Grants Management (GM)

Financial Accounting
General Ledger Special Purpose Ledger Subsidiary Ledgers
Fixed Assets Accounts Receivable Accounts Payable


Financial Accounting (FI)

General Ledger (GL)
A component in SAP that provides high level external reporting
i.e. Annual Audited Financial Statements

Reporting from the FI ledger is used for high level management. The master data elements that are typically used: business area, fund and g/l Example: GR55 / Z100 report data comes from FI Execute the report with BA or Fund level and it pulls data in at the g/l level.


Cost Center Accounting

Cost Element Accounting Internal Orders


Controlling (CO)
In the CO module, only revenues and expenses post. There is no Balance Sheet activity to the CO Ledger

Suggested Reports to use in CO.

K0B1 Line Item Report for IO (functionality to display cost center) KSB1 Line Item Report for Cost Center (functionality to display IO) S_ALR_87013018 Total Plan / Actual for SIOs S_ALR_87013611 Total Plan / Actual for Cost Centers

Funds Management

Fund Accounting

Budgetary Controls


Budget Execution Budgetary Basis Reporting Commitment Accounting

Funds Management (FM)

Funds Management module provides reporting on the following:
Budget (FM module is the only ledger that contains budget). Income (4xxxxx type commitment items) Earmarked Funds Reservations Commitments Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Business Trip Requests and Funds Commitments (contractual agreements). Expense (5xxxxx, 8xxxxx type commitment items)

Funds Management (FM)

Suggested Reports to Use in Funds Management fmrp_rw_budget Budget Overview fmeddw Display Budget Entry Documents fmedd Display Budget Entry Documents (one ) fmrp_rffmep1ax All Postings Document Journal

S_P99_41000147 Earmarked Funds

FI, CO and FM
G/Ls , Commitment Items and Cost Elements
1xxxxx 2xxxxx 3xxxxx 4xxxxx 5xxxxx 6xxxxx 8xxxxx Assets Liabilities Net Assets Revenues Expenses Expenses (Settlement PF crosses BA) Expenses (Settlements / Work Orders)

FI, CO and FM
When reporting out of the FI ledger you should use g/ls. The types of g/ls that post in FI ledger: 1xxxxx, 2xxxxx, 3xxxxx, 4xxxxx, 5xxxxx, and 6xxxxx. When reporting out of the CO ledger you should use cost elements. The types of Cost Elements that post in the CO ledger: 4xxxxx, 5xxxxx, and 8xxxxx.

When reporting out of the FM ledger you should use commitment items. The types of CIs that post in the FM ledger and consume budget: 4xxxxx, 5xxxxx and 8xxxxx.

FI, CO and FM
Exceptions in the Funds Management Module for Commitment Items. Some Commitment Items in the range of 1xxxxx, 2xxxxx and 3xxxxx can appear in FM reporting.

These commitment items have been coded as statistical which means they do not consume budget, but will appear in FM reporting. To exclude these commitment items you should pull in the field statistical indicator and filter to exclude x.

Financial Master Data

Company Code Business Area G/L Account

Company Code Business Area G/L Account Fund Cost Center Fund Center Internal Order WBS Element Funded Program Grant Functional Area

Controlling Area Business Area Cost Element

Financial Mgmt Area

Commitment Item Fund

Cost Center Internal Order WBS Element

Fund Center Funded Program

Grant Functional Area

Groups are created to combine a range of master data elements for reporting. Groups are created by the Master Data Team in Accounting Services. Except for SIO groups. When executing various reports you have an option to enter in group or actual value for master data. If Departments request groups to be established they have to remember to update and maintain those groups when new master data elements are created.

To display groups execute the following t-codes.
FM_SETS_FIPEX3 - Display / Commitment Items FM_SETS_FICTR3 - Display / Funds Centers FM_SETS_FUND3 - Display / Funds KOH3 - Display - Orders

How to Display Groups

How to Display Groups

How to Display Groups

How to Display Group

How to Display Group






Report View

Test Data

Common Groups Available

Funds Centers:
BP40XX = XX College/School/ Major Area BP40XXXXX = XX College/School/Major Area, XXX Department

Commitment Items:
PURCIGRPS Purdue Commitment Item Groups Funds: FUNDGRPFM Purdue Fund Group

What is the equivalent to entry code from the legacy system?

The codes are different for each financial ledger.
FM = Value Types GM = Value Types CO = Value Types FI = Document Types

NOTE: FM, GM and CO are all called value types but the actual value type characters are different.

FM Value Types

GM Value Types
50Purchase Requisitions
51Purchase Orders 52Business Trip Commitments

55Assets (SD/AR) 57Payments 60Parked Documents 61Down Payments 64Funds Transfers

GM Value Types
65Funds Commitment

66Transfer Postings
80Funds Block

81Funds Reservation
82Funds Precommitment 83Forecast of Revenue 95Secondary Cost Postings (CO) 99Expenses / Revenues (Grant)

GM Value Types

R1Released Budget
Z1Fixed Assets

Z2Payroll - ActualsZ3Payroll Accruals


CO Value Types
Value type 4=real posting Value type 11=statistical posting.

FI Document Types

FI Document Types

FI Document Types

Helpful Information
Accounting Services has information on FI Document Types and equivalent legacy entry code

FMRP_RFFMEP1AX - All Postings

Doc. Type SA DZ ZP ZA SA SA SA SA DZ DZ ZP ZP ZA ZA LD LD WA ZF Value Type 66 66 66 66 66 60 60 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 81 81 54 54 Value Type Text Profit transfer postings Profit transfer postings Profit transfer postings Profit transfer postings Profit transfer postings Parked Documents Parked Documents Profit transfer postings Profit transfer postings Profit transfer postings Profit transfer postings Profit transfer postings Profit transfer postings Profit transfer postings Funds Reservation Funds Reservation Invoices Invoices

Report View

Test Data
Value Types = 54,60,66 and 95

FMBB Budget Process = ENTR

Value Type = 81 FMBB Budget Process = CORV, TRAN, SUPL Value Types= 50, 51, 52 and 65

Financial Report Layouts

Central Offices have created layouts that can be used by end users. FM
Commitments and Expenses
/BM AIMS FM (Use this layout when trying to reconcile Budget Overview report with AIMS-FM) NOTE: 1 day diff. is possible /PURCOMMIT (Commitments = Open Purchase Orders) /PURTABLE1 /PURTABLE1CS /PURTABLE1FS

Layout of /BM AIMS FM

By clicking on the printer icon you can collapse the data.

Layouts Adding Subtotals

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