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Lecture 7

Past Events
In this week’s lecture…
 MORE presentations
 Midterm marks!!!
 Different problems
 Grammar: The past tense of be
 The Class Slacker conversation
 Weekend Bingo
 Group Game: Who did it?
 Key Vocabulary
What I focused on…
Final Exam Assessment Sheet

1 Body Language 1 2 3 4 5            

2 Eye Contact 1 2 3 4 5  

3 Volume 1 2 3 4 5            

4 Speed 1 2 3 4 5            

5 Fluency 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  

6 Intonation 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  

7 Tone 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  

8 Stressing Words 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  

9 Pronunciation 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  

/ 70
Now on to today’s
Lecture Seven
What makes students
embarrassed in class?

What was the situation or

The Most Embarrassing
What was the most embarrassing thing that
ever happened to you in school?

 You forgot your homework.

 You arrived super late to class.
 You showed up late for an exam.
 You brought the wrong textbook to class.
 You fell asleep in class.
 You got caught cheating on a test.
 Your cell phone rang during class.
 You blanked-out during a test or
Smart Choice

Focus: Vocabulary, page 36

The past tense of be
Affirmative Negative
Statements Statements
I was was not = wasn’t
You were were not = weren’t
He was was not = wasn’t at home last night.
She was was not = wasn’t
It was was not = wasn’t
We were were not = weren’t
They were were not = weren’t
Changing the Tense
Present Tense Past Tense

1. He’s late. He was late.

2. The weather is terrible. The weather was terrible.
3. He’s lost. He was lost.
4. His cell phone is broken. His cell phone was
5. The lines are long. The lines were long.
6. The bus is crowded. The bus was crowded.
7. The traffic is terrible. The traffic was terrible.
8. He’s sick. He was sick.
Smart Choice

Focus: Language Practice, page 38

Yes/No Questions
Simple Answers

Was I Yes, I was. No, I wasn’t.

Were you Yes, you were. No, you weren’t.
Was he Yes, he was. No, he wasn’t.
Was she at school? Yes, she was. No, she wasn’t.
Were we Yes, we were. No, we weren’t.
Were they Yes, they were. No, they weren’t.
Was it Yes, it was. Yes, it wasn’t.
Who were they?
Past tense Wh- questions

Where was I yesterday?

were you at this time last week?
was he at this time yesterday?
was she last July?
were we last month?
were they last night?
was it last Saturday?
last week?
last year?
Example: on Saturday?
Monday, October 20, 2008 on Saturday, October 25th?
1. Where were you at this time last on your last birthday?
week? three days ago?
2. Where were you last Monday? three months ago?
3. Where were you last week?
4. Where were you on Monday,
October 20th ?
5. Where were you seven days ago?
Weekend Bingo
Q: Were you at home last weekend?
A: Yes, I was. How about you?
or No, I wasn’t. How about you?
Smart Choice

Focus: Listening, page 39

Calling all Passengers
A: Good afternoon, sir. Ticket, please.
B: I’m sorry I’m late. The traffic was terrible.
A: Yes, I know. Now, may I see your ticket?
B: And my plane leaves in five minutes!
A: It’s all right, sir. Just give me your ticket.
B: No problem. It’s here… I think… I’ve got it…
somewhere. Oh, boy! It was in my pocket this
A: Is it in your pocket now?
B: No, it isn’t.
A: How about your suitcase?
B: Ah, my suitcase! No, it isn’t.
Delayed at Work
A: Hi! I’m so sorry I’m late. I was really busy at work.
B: Don’t worry. It’s no problem.
A: And my boss was really impossible!
B: It’s OK. You’re here now. Do you have the tickets?
A: What? The tickets? No, you have them.
B: No, I don’t. They were on the kitchen table.
A: They were?
B: Yes, they were.
A: I see… I guess they’re still on the kitchen table.
B: Right.
Smart Choice

Focus: Conversation, page 37

The Class Slacker
Teacher: Good morning, Jack.
Jack: Good morning. Sorry I’m late. My watch
was broken.
Teacher: Was it broken yesterday, too?
Jack: Pardon me?
Teacher: You were also late yesterday. Was
your watch broken yesterday, too?
Jack: No. But the bus was crowded.
Teacher: Interesting. And you weren’t here last
week. How come?
Jack: I was sick.
Teacher: I see. And do you have your
Jack: Homework?
Using Tone

“Don’t use that tone with me!!!”

Tone can really change a conversation, for the good
and for the bad.

Try the conversation on page 37 again, but change the


#1: The teacher is really mad but Jack doesn’t really

care about the conversation or school.

#2: The teacher isn’t too interested in Jack’s excuses

but Jack’s excuses are the truth.
Who did it?

Group Game
What Happened?!
The Daily Post
Who are the Robbers?

At three o’clock Saturday, October 25th, 2008,

the Union Bank on Third Street was robbed.

Witnesses said that there were two robbers. They

wore clown Halloween masks. The robbers told the
bank tellers to put the money in their bags and then
away before the police arrived. The police want to
question people who were at the bank yesterday.

A police officer said, “These two robbers are very

dangerous. Please be careful!”
Where were you?
 You will get a piece of paper with a schedule on it.
 Angelina

 Bonnie

 Chris

 David

 It will say your character’s name and what they did

on Saturday, October 25th.
 You will have to fill out the schedule, asking the
other characters for their information.
Q: Where were you at ____pm?
A: I was at ___________.
Key Vocabulary
 broken
 crowded  at this time last week
 late  at this time yesterday
 long  last July
 lost  last month
 terrible  last night
 line  last Saturday
 traffic  last week
 alarm clock  last year
 ticket  on October 25th
 blanked out  on Saturday
 on your last birthday
 on your last vacation
 # months ago
 yesterday
This Week’s Homework

Smart Choice: page 31 (#1-3), 32 (#4),

33 (#8), & 34 (#1-3)
Lecture 6’s
Smart Choice: page 25 (#2), 27 (#5-6),
28 (#7-8), & 29 (#1-3)
Lecture 6’s Homework Answers

Page 25 Page 27
Activity #2 Activity #5
2. My sister reads comics 2. Are Jodi and Glenn
every day. having coffee?
3. My brother sometimes Yes, they are.
takes a nap in the 3. Are you sending a text
afternoon. message?
4. My parents watch TV Yes, I am.
every evening. 4. Are you and Miguel
5. Ian always talks on the watching a DVD?
phone in class. No, we aren’t.
6. Jerry checks his e-mail
three times a day.
Lecture 6’s Homework Answers

Page 27 Page 28
Activity #6 Activity #7
2. Is Simon talking on the 2. I’m at home.
phone? 3. Are you watching TV?
No, he isn’t. 4. No, I’m not. I’m
3. Is Ann sending a text watching a DVD.
message? What about you?
No, she isn’t. Where are you?
4. Is Simon reading a 5. I’m in a café. I’m
book? having coffee.
Yes, he is. 6. Are you with Matthew?
5. Is Robert cooking 7, No, Matthew is playing
spaghetti? tennis in the park.
No, he isn’t.
6. Is Ann eating noodles?
Yes, she is.
Lecture 6’s Homework Answers

Page 28 Activity #2
Activity #8 2. Sam loves his cell
2. at the beach phone.
3. you jogging 3. Vanessa is playing
tennis with her
4. I’m not boyfriend.
5. checking my e-mail 4. Vanessa isn’t winning
6. about you the game.
7. Where are you
8. ‘m reading a magazine Activity #3
9. Rick 1. He is a bus driver.
10. ‘s playing computer 2. He is reading a book.
games 3. She works in a
department store.
Page 29 4. She’s walking in the
Activity #1 park with the dog.
1.D 2. C 3. A 4. B

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