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ODI mission statement

Catalyse the evolution of open data culture to create economic, environmental, and social value

Cultural data
Data as an art material used by artists & designers (and other creatives) Data that is cultural media moving image, photos, audio, BBC archives, Europeana, etc Data about the cultural sector museums, galleries, audiences

Data as an art material

What data is, what is its meaning, how is it used, and what is the impact on society?
As data is opened up, the information it holds must be reflected back from many angles We are exploring and exposing processes ...understanding process leads to progress

Data as Culture 2012

First decision by Gavin Starks (CEO) Open call for artists: 89 respondents from 20 countries in 2 weeks 9 artists, 3 new commissions Global coverage (WSJ, main TED conference in LA) 4,000+ visitors to the ODI London space

Integrated into ODI presentations (inc to Cabinet Office, World Bank, Aspen)
Significant response from cultural leaders 3 artists winners of the Japan Media Arts Festival Awards The Body by Stanza to be exhibited in Norway Finalist in DATA 2014, the National Creative Technologies Summit, Pittsburgh Shortlisted with MzTEK for an Arts & Business Award 2014

Data as Culture 2014

Open call for curators: 48 respondents New partnerships - Lighthouse (Brighton) and FutureEverything (Manchester) Curator appointed: Shiri Shalmy 6 artists, 8 works, 3 new commissions James Bridle

Paolo Cirio
YoHa Sam Meech James Brooks Thickear

Invisible Airs YoHa


Endless War Yoha with Matthew Fuller


Punchcard Economy Sam Meech

Watching the Watchers James Bridle

Pink Sheet Method (Stage 1, Future Everything) Thickear

Pillars of Hercules James Brooks

dataasculture.org - Paolo Cirio

Coming Up
16 & 17 May - Open Data as Creative Material seminar + data jam with Central St Martins May / June - knitting workshop with Sam Meech at ODI 13 June - opening of Data as Culture at Lighthouse, ODI Node Brighton (for 1 month)

June - launch of major new ODI data art partnerships

June/July - workshops in Brighton (thickear & Sam Meech) August - launch of new commission by James Bridle, London September - launch of new data art commission (artist TBA) International reach - Data as Culture integration into Node network (20 countries ++) Open data live coding music performance