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Bhaskar Mukherjee Karthik PGDM (ITM Business school Chennai) 2012-14 N.G.O CSR PROJECT

I.N.D.I.A.TRUST is a National Public Non-Governmental Organisation with nation-wide operations The founder- president, I.N.D.I.A.TRUST is Mr A. VIJAYA KUMAR. The full form of I.N.D.I.A. TRUST is INTEGRATED NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT IN ACTION TRUST.
Their Target Beneficiaries are: 1. School students 2. College and university students 3. School and college faculty members


Our aim is to help make the INDIA a better place for everyone to live in, and support its success in the world

To promote a better and more effective utilization of human resource through education, training and development
To introduce the concept of Career Management Education system in the Schools, Colleges Information, knowledge, research, techniques, materials, aids skills and attitudes in the field of Human Resource Management


Area of research report is saidapet Chennai The study will be conducted in 4 phases Process Development -- Data Gathering (Forms) -- Preliminary Hypotheses Analysis Sampling Size: Student: 23 & Teacher: 10

The research was done on the basis of an open-ended and close ended questionnaire

Over 200000 students have undergone our Career Management Programmes leading their career Trained the police officers at Police Training College (Govt of Tamilnadu). Management Development Programmes for doctors and executives in private and public hospitals

100,000 final year students of Various Universities have been personally counselled

Limitations of the Survey

1. Language was a barrier between the interviewer and the respondents to collect the responses
2. Data was collected from the limited locations of Chennai; therefore findings cannot be generalized for the whole city or country 3. The accuracy of the responses given by the respondents.


Total number of student & teacher Boys 450 Girls 300 Teacher 26
Opinion about present education system fully satisfied 1 partially satisfied 1 somewhat satisfied 7 should be totally re-engineered 1

Do teachers of different subjects and classes interact in constructive ways to enrich the curriculum? Yes15 No2 sometimes6 Do teachers display any kind of chart, paintings Yes18 No3 Some times2 Are the issues involved when English becomes the medium of instruction yes 3 NO 16 some times 4

Has the school provided adequate number of teachers to deliver quality education Yes 3 NO 16 Some times 4 The health, educational needs of the children are met efficiently Yes 8 No 1 some times 1 The school communicated clearly to parents how they might support their children's learning Yes 6 No 2 some times 2

Taking special care of weak students Yes 7 No 1 some times 2

Does the school provide a well-ventilated clean space for learning yes 2 no 7 some times 1


Reviewed all data gathered which resulted in five problem areas: 1. Students Behaviours 2. Low Parental Involvement 3. Tardiness and Absenteeism 4. Teaching Effectiveness 5. Infrastructure facility

For student personality development class are required. In school a well-furnished science lab is required because many students in the school choose science as a favourite subject. The students are following the old syllabus books, for the students point of view it is not good an updated syllabus is required.

1. Team building
2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Manage the Difficult situation Understand the situation Understand the Organization Structure Optimum use of resource Respect the other values Encourage peer group work Time Management Self-Discipline Be positive

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