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Amity Business School


Amity Business School

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Amity Business School

Strategic Approach to Recruiting

Benefits of a Strategic Approach
Matches recruiting activity with organizational and human resource plans.

Acquiring the Right Human Capital Entails:

Knowing the business and industry Identifying keys to success in the labor market

Cultivating networks and relationships

Promoting the company brand Creating recruiting metrics

Amity Business School

Recruiting and Labor Markets

The process of generating a pool of qualified applicants for organizational jobs

Labor Markets
The external supply pool from which organizations attract their employees

Amity Business School

Different Labor Markets and Recruiting

Geographic Labor Markets Global Labor Markets

Labor Markets

Industry and Occupational Labor Markets

Educational and Technical Labor Markets

Amity Business School

Strategic Recruiting Stages

Amity Business School

Strategic Recruiting Decisions

Organization-Based vs. Sample Outsourced Recruiting

Recruiting Source Choices: Internal vs. External

Recruiting Presence Sample

Recruiting and Diversity Sample Considerations

Strategic Sample Recruiting Decisions

Recruiting image Sample

Regular vs. Sample Flexible Staffing

Training of Recruiters Sample

External RecruitingAmity Business School

Colleges and Universities High Schools, Vocational/ Technical Schools

External Recruiting Sources

Competitors, Media Sources, and Job Fairs Labor and Trade Unions

Employment Agencies and Headhunters

Internal Recruiting Amity Business School

Employee Databases Job Postings

Internal Recruiting Sources

Former Employees and Applicants Promotions and Transfers

CurrentEmployee Referrals

Amity Business School

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internal and External Recruiting Sources

Amity Business School

What to Include in an Effective Recruiting Ad

Attention Interest Desire Action

Amity Business School

Internet Recruiting
E-Recruiting Places

Internet Job Boards

Professional/ Career Websites

Employer Web Sites

Amity Business School

Recruiting Evaluation and Metrics

Evaluating Recruiting Quality and Quantity

Evaluating the Time Required to Fill Openings

Evaluating Recruiting Efforts

Evaluating Recruiting Costs and Benefits

Evaluating Recruiting Satisfaction

Amity Business School

The applicants point of view

Job search Job choice- objective, subjective and recruiters factors Realistic job previews