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Chapter 8 Top 8

America say see ya, wouldnt want to be ya

1. Its ON
First Shots (April 1775)

Lexington / Concord
Philadelphia All 13 colonies represented George Washington- Commander-in-chief (with reservation) Not an obvious choice, but a good one Different Objectives: Fighting, Grievances Not a strong push for independence

2nd Continental Congress

2. Round 2
Upper New York (May 1775)
Ticonderoga & Crown Point Ethan Allen & Benedict Arnold

Bunker Hill (June 1775)

Breeds Hill (Near Boston) British Frontal Attack 1500 Colonials Successful, but Unprepared

Olive Branch Petition (July 1775)

Last Attempt for Peace

German Soldiers for Hire

3. Canada: Bad Idea

Marginal Success in Canada
Took Montreal for a time Quebec, not quite Expected help from the French French some loyalty because of Quebec Act

British Leave Boston

March 1776

Thomas Payne
Common Sense (1776) Direct Attack against the Crown of England

4. Independent Colonists
July 4, 1776
Richard Henry Lee (June 7, 1776) Thomas Jefferson Philadelphia Calling Out King George III

Loyalists (Tories) vs. Patriots (Whigs)

Split Loyalties in Families 20 % Loyalist Generally Older, Well Educated/ Well to do Any connection with crown, Anglicans Virginia Patriot Stronghold New England Strongest Patriot Feel After Declaration of Independence- A Sharper Division


5. British Take a Bite Out of Big Apple

Outnumbered & Outclassed in NYC Retreat to New Jersey

Victory in Trenton & Princeton

Trenton- Surprise attack on Hessians across icy Delaware River Christmas Changed the momentum and morale of the war

Saratoga (1777)
New York Burgoyne, Howe (British) Goes to Philadelphia Valley Forge, von Steuben Militia Groups Surrounded the British Saratoga- Turning Point of War

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6. The French Connection

Revenge on the British
American Independence intriguing to the French Provided Gunpowder and Munitions (90 %) Naval Power People not crazy about French, but were desperate

7. Other Fighting
Traitor (Benedict Arnold)

Felt Unappreciated British to come up from the South Georgia & Charleston, S.C. taken 1778-1780 Nathaniel Greene helped change the tide Bitter fighting between loyalists and Patriots in the South Cornwallis attacked from all sides at Yorktown, VA (1781) Band played The World Turned Upside Down Fighting continued, but the British never gained the upper-hand George Rogers Clark West John Paul Jones -Privateers

8. A New Country
Peace negotiations in Paris (1783)
Franklin, John Adams, John Jay Leary of the French

Treaty of Paris
Mississippi River to the West Great Lakes to the North Florida to the South