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The Perfect Pitch

or strikeout
Akhil Saklecha

Artiman Ventures

Artiman: Investors & Entrepreneurs

U.S. Investment Team Amit Shah Yatin Mundkur Tom Dennedy Akhil Saklecha Ajit Singh Tim Wilson India Team M. J. Aravind Ramesh Radhakrishnan US Operations Team Ida Ng Venture Investing Experience Collectively managing $900+M invested in 140+ seed/earlystage companies 88 exits with aggregate realized return of 3.3x 11 IPOs and 32 acquisitions

Entrepreneurial Experience Co-founded 10 startups in the U.S. and India 6 successful exits with aggregate value of > $1 Billion ZeitNet, PipeLinks, Equator, Daksh, Ross, Kaleida, Clarity, Airgo, BioImagene
Operating Experience - public and private Cisco, Rockwell, Siemens, AMD, AT&T, Lucent, Cabletron, Digital Island, FireEye, Airgo, Clarity Wireless, Adaptive, Compaq, Qualcomm, HP Technology Background Played pioneering roles in seminal industries: Server Computing, Networking, Voice over IP, IPTV, Digital Consumer Electronics 26 US patents

EIR Frank Thibodeau Adam De La Zerda Mahmood Panjwani Atul Sharan Rob Levy

Shop talk
VCs are shallow people KISS Start at the beginning and top-down Dont get sucked into arguments that arent pertinent to the company Financials at 3 years arent $10M+ Dont try and create competition Dont bluff. We all talk to each other. White board

Be prepared
Know your data, market, customers Bring your own dongle Expect your demo to fail How much time do you have? Youve got less than 30 minutes

12 Slide Rule
Exec Summary The Problem Market The Solution Business Model Technology IP/Regulatory Competition Team Financials Capital needs Exec Summary

The Breakdown
Exec summary
Begin and end with it It should tell the story Current status of the company Broad strokes Dont let questions distract you

The lion and the mouse

The Problem
Go big or go home Needs to touch a lot of people

Top Down Bottoms Up Is it growing? Who and where are the customers?

Bigger is better
The Solution
Must Have, Deadly Sins Disruptive Makes sense Can you do it?

Business Model
How do you make money? Breakeven? Do you understand sales & marketing?

Dogs pee to mark their turf. What do you do? IP

Patents are like gold But is it fundamental? Crowded areas need FTO

What is needed here? Its all about time and money

Find the white space

Know them well Your uniqueness needs to be very clear Threes a crowd

If you had great exits - move to slide #1 Brands and experience Domain knowledge and depth More than 50% of the equation

Show me the money

Bottoms up creation Does it scale? VCs love haircuts

So whats the Ask?

Whats been raised? Any skin in the game? What are you going to do with it? Is it realistic?

Wrap it up
Exec summary
End where you began

Concluding remarks
How do you get to $1B revenue Summarize thoughts and concerns What info can you send? Who are the experts that you can connect? When is the expected follow-up?