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News Item

By : Rizky Devianty Eka Putri X-2

News item is a text which informs readers about events of the day. The events are considered newsworthy or important.

Generic Structures of News Items

Main event / Newsworthy events (tells the event in a summary form) Elaboration / Background events (elaborates what happened, explains what caused the incident) Sources / Resource of Information (comments by participants, witnesses, authorities, and experts involved in the event)

Language Features of News Item

Information on the use of headlines -------- Use action verb ---------- Use Saying Verb -------- Use Passive Sentences ----- Use Adverbs -----

Three Die after Attending Marriage Ceremony Attend, take, kill, Said, suggested, told The passengers were squeezed The victims were badly injured

Example 1:

Taufik Hidayat Quiting National Badminton Team

After 13 years of service, which culminated in an Olympic gold medal, shuttler Taufik Hidayat announced Friday his resignation from the national training camp in Jakarta. My decision to resign is final. Its not an impulse or emotional decision. Ive been thinking about quitting the national team since 2004, after I won at the Athens Olympics, he said. However, people kept on encouraging me to stay in the national team, considering my potential and my youth. Therefore I stayed until 2008. In 2001, Taufik threatened to quit the training camp because of Mulyos exclusion. Mulyo is his mentor. He only rejoined the national team after the PBSI agreed to reinstate Mulyo. In 2004, Taufik made yet another threat to quit, and again backed down from it. Its time for younger players to take the baton. Im giving way to them. Its all about regeneration in Indonesian badminton, he said.

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Example 2:

Three Die after Attending Marriage Ceremony

Three residents were killed, while dozens of others were wounded after a pickup truck they were taking to attend a marriage ceremony overturned in Jingkang village, Banyumas Regency, on Sunday. The pickup was carrying 30 passengers, mostly women, when it failed to ascend a steep road on its way back from the ceremony. As a result, the passengers were squeezed. The wounded passengers were later rushed to the Ajibarang regional public hospital. Local police are investigating the cause of the accident.

Example 3:

Man Jailed for Striking RI Maid

SINGAPORE: A supervisor was jailed for two repeatedly striking his Indonesian maid on the head and back with a television remote control, news reports said on Thursday. Muhamad shafiq woon Abdullah admitted in a Singapore court he physically abused the woman on several occasions between June and October 2002. The straits times said. The magistrates court heard that Shafiq, 31, began striking Winarti, 22, about month after she started working for him. He hit her on the head with the TV sets remote control because he was un happy with her work. On one occasion, he punched her on the back after accusing her of daydreaming. S.S. Dhillon, Shafiqs lawyer, said his client lost his better sense when he saw his daughters face covered as she lay in bed. He said his client thought the maid had put the child in danger.

Example 4:

Growing Number of High School Student Smoking A survey has found about 13 percent of first-time smokers in the country are junior high school students. It also revealed 89 percent of young female employees were smokers. The survey was conducted in five major cities across the country, including Surakarta in Central Java. Muhammad Syahril Mansyur, the Surakarta Health Agencys respiratory illness division, said that the finding of the survey showed an alarming growth rate of Indonesian smokers. "This situation is a cause for concern, he said. It appears the countrys younger generation is uneducated about the health risks of smoking. The Indonesian anti-tobacco campaign has reportedly been deemed as ineffective as the government refuses to sign the international convention on tobacco control. It said that cigarette producers contributed to a large amount to state revenue and gave jobs to thousands of workers.

Example 5:

Indonesian Sailors Free as Pirates' Ransom is Paid

The crew of 20 Indonesian sailors aboard the Sinar Kudus cargo ship were finally freed by Somali pirates on Sunday. We received the cash of $4.5 million early this morning. We have abandoned the ship and it is preparing to sail away, a pirate who gave his name as Geney told Reuters news agency In March, a large group of 30 to 50 Somali pirates seized the Indonesian flagged and owned ship about 320 nautical miles northeast of the Yemeni island of Socotra. The Sinar Kudus was on its way to the Netherlands from the Indonesian island of Sulawesi when it was hijacked. The ship is now on its way to the nearest secure port and is being heavily guarded by Indonesian warships, David Batubara, vice president of Samudra Indonesia told reporters late on Sunday.