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MSC Malaysia - IHL

Business Plan Competition

 Inline with the MSC Malaysia vision to transform Malaysia into a
knowledge economy (K-economy), the MSC Malaysia - IHL Business
Plan Competition (MIBPC) continues to be the nation’s foremost
business plan competition that attracts the innovative minds
of Malaysia’s new generation.  

 Challenging their creativity and capacity in business, science and

technology, the aim of the competition is to create a new genre of
successful technology entrepreneurs (Technopreneurs) that takes
charge of their own destinies and create employment opportunities
for the good of the community.
 The Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC)
in alliance with the Institutions of Higher Learning
(IHLs) in Malaysia founded the competition in
2004 under the National Unipreneur Development
Programme (NUDP), which is anchored by MDeC’s
Technopreneur Development Division (TeDD).
TeDD carries the mission of building an ecosystem
for the growth of a critical mass of sustainable K-
based ICT companies that will contribute to high
economic growth.
 The objectives of the MIBPC 2009/10 (the
Competition) are as follows:
◦  To inculcate a culture of technopreneurship in
Institutions of Higher Learning.
◦ To provide exposure & knowledge of key competencies
required in becoming a successful technopreneur.
◦ To encourage students & researchers from diverse
backgrounds to share their business ideas, and form
teams that leverage on both technology and business
◦ To identify commercially viable ideas & compelling IP
(Intellectual Property) for development into ICT SMEs. 
 To help realize MSC Malaysia’s objective in
growing a vibrant ICT industry, the competition
welcomes business ideas and business plans
related to Information Communications &
Technology (ICT) or Bio-Informatics, focusing
particularly in the following clusters:

◦ CMC - Creative Multimedia Content

◦ SSO - Shared Services & Outsourcing
◦ SeS -Software e-Solutions: includes AS – Application
Software and MESH - Mobility Embedded Software &
 Participation in the Competition by individuals
and teams must be under the auspices of their
respective IHLs.

 NO FEE is required to participate in the

 The participating teams and their respective IHLs will retain
all rights to their Business Ideas, Business Plans and / or
Intellectual Properties.

 Copies of Business Ideas and Business Plans submitted for

the Pre Qualification and Finals phases of the Competition
will be kept strictly confidential by MDeC and all judges on
the judging panel.

 Oral presentations and Q&A sessions during the Finals are

open to MDeC, the organisers, fellow participants and invited
guests during the Finals. As such, MDeC, the organisers and
the panel of judges shall not be held responsible for any
information discussed or revealed during the Finals that will
likely to enter the public domain.
 All Business Idea and Business Plan submissions must be in the
areas of ICT or bioinformatics.

 The MIBPC 2009/10 is open to all undergraduate students,

postgraduate students, researchers, academic and non-
academic personnel of all public and private IHLs.

 Partnering with a foreign researcher or student is allowed as

long as 2/3 of the team composition, production and ownership
of the Business Idea or Business Plan are local.

 Adjunct Professors or Visiting Professors are not allowed to

 Participating teams must consist of members who are enrolled
or employed by the IHL for the entire duration of this year’s
competition from June 2009 through to December 2009. If for
any reason a team member is not registered, resigns, or
terminates his or her enrolment or employment contract with
the IHL at any time during the competition, that team member
will automatically be disqualified from further participating in
the competition. However, this does not necessarily disqualify
the entire team.

 MIBPC 2009/10 Organising Committee Members are not

eligible to participate in the competition.

 Project or product that has obtained the MSC Malaysia pre-

seed fund and/ or commercialised through a company is not
eligible to participate in the competition.
 Business Idea category

 Each team must comprise of a maximum of three (3)

undergraduate students. Final year students are highly
encouraged to participate as a team member. This is to
ensure that the BI is in a better position to be taken to
the next stage of commercialization by the team.

 Business Plan category

 Each team can comprise of a maximum of four (4)

members with any combination of undergraduate,
postgraduate students, researchers, academic and non-
academic personnel.
 All Business Idea and Business Plan submissions must be in
accordance with the document templates provided at
  All submissions must include two (2) sets of hardcopy documents
and one (1) set of softcopy format in either Microsoft Word or Adobe
Acrobat PDF formats, according to the following document settings:
◦ Paper size: A4.
◦ Paper orientation: Portrait (except where the inclusion of tables and
graphs necessitate the landscape format).
◦ Margins: Top and Bottom at 1 inch, Left and Right at 1.25 inches.
◦ Font type: Arial.
◦ Font Size: size 11pt (headings may be of a bigger font size).
◦ Line spacing: Single.
 All Business Presentations are required to be in
Microsoft Powerpoint format.

 The presentation template can be downloadable

from www.technopreneurdevelopment.net.my.

 English shall be language used for all aspects of

the Competition, including for the submission of
Business Ideas and Business Plan and all
presentations at the Finals.
 The Competition Organising Committee reserves
the right to disqualify any teams that do not
adhere to these guidelines.
 The following templates and documents are available for
download at: www.technopreneurdevelopment.net.my.

 Business Idea (BI)

◦ Business Idea Submission Template
◦ Business Idea Presentation Template
◦ Presentation Evaluation Form (for Judges)

 Business Plan (BP)

◦ Business Plan Submission Template
◦ Business Plan Financials Template
◦ Business Plan Presentation Template
◦ Presentation Evaluation Form (for Judges)