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Input, Output and Storage

Ms. Hall
Input is any (unprocessed material)
data and instructions entered
into the memory of the computer.

An input device is any hardware
component that allows users to
enter data and instructions,
programs, commands and user
response into a computer.
The mouse is an input device designed to
manipulate objects on the computer screen.
It can also be described as (a hand-operated
electronic device that controls the coordinates
of a cursor on your computer screen as you
move it around on a mouse pad; on the bottom
of the device is a ball that rolls on the surface of
the mouse pad).

The keyboard is an
input device
designed to enter
text, characters and
other commands
into the computer.

This is a pointing device shaped like a pen and
is connected to a VDU (Visual Display Unit).
The tip of the light pen contains a light-
sensitive element which, when placed against
the screen, detects the light from the screen
enabling the computer to identify the location
of the pen on the screen.

This is often used for
playing games and for
simulators. They can
move in 8 directions
and often have
buttons attached for
extra functionality.

A scanner takes a
picture placed on
the scanner screen
and digitizes the
information in order
to present it on the
computer screen for


This is processed data called information
because it is now organized material for
users to view and manipulate.

Storage is keeping information or data that will
not be needed for over a long period of time
using a storage media.

Backing storage devices are where you can store
data permanently. This means that data is held
when the computer is switched off and can be
loaded onto a computer system when required.
The hardware that stores the data is called
backing storage media. The media are put into
backing storage devices.
Monitor: This is a
plastic or metal
case that houses
a display device
that conveys text
or graphics as a

Plotter: This is a
special purpose
output device
that draws
graphs, charts,
and maps using
ink pens.

Speaker: This is a
component of a
computer that
produces music,
speech, or other
sounds, such as

Multimedia projectors:
This is a device that
takes the image from a
computer screen and
projects it onto a larger
screen so an audience
of people can see the
image clearly.

Hard Disk Compact Disk(CD)

Digital Video Display (DVD)
Flash drive Zip Disk

Floppy Diskette