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Conditions and Failure Mode

Hot Temperature Frequent Power Cuts

No1 Killer: Dry out Undercharge
No2 Killer: Grid Corrosion Deep discharge
No3 Killer: Bulge Active material soften
Possible Reasons leads to undercharge
No equalization charge
Wrong float voltage
Too low charge current
TP500 need 100A charge current
Rectifier faults
Examples from site visit, 2012/09/13
Rectifier is plug out to
start the DG, thus
caused battery charge
current lower than 100A.

Can not conduct equalization charge as MCU faults
GEM not installed caused deep discharge, and not
sufficient charging for battery banks
GEM is not Functional
Aircon Breaker Found intentionally Switched Off to get
longer backups

Rectifier Setting (Power One/Eltek)
S.N Description Rectifier Setting
1 U1-Normal 54.5
2 U2-Boost 56.4
3 U3-Test 46
4 U4-Spare 54.5
5 AH Limit for Test 500
6 GEM alarm Voltage 47.3
7 Low V Alarm 46
8 Hi Battery 58.5
9 O V Shutdown 59.7
10 LVBD 44
12 Current Limit 100
13 Automatic Boost Enable
14 Boost Time 12hr
15 Boost Interval 3 wk
16 Boost Factor 2

Rectifier Setting (Power One/Eltek)
Parameter Default Value Value Range
Description Changed Value
Float Voltage (V) 53.5 54.5
Equalized Voltage (V) 56.4 ok
Equalized Enabled Enabled

Equalized Perioddays 90 0 to 365 Interval for the system to carry out the
Pre.Equ.Chg.Dura.h 0 0 to 48 Duration for the system to carry out the 12
Chg.Curr.Coeff. (C10) 0.15 0.01 to 0.4 When the system carries out the 0.2
Test Stop Volt. (V) 46 42 to 50 When the system carries out the test 46.8
Test Stop Cap. (C10) 0.6 0.4 to 1 When the system carries out the test ok
Test Period (days) 0 0 to 365 Interval for the system to carry out ok
Test Start Time (X:00) 10 0 to 23 If the periodical tests are enabled, the
Disconnect Mode Batt.Volt. Disabled
BLVD Enabled Enabled ok
BLVD Voltage (V) 44 46.5
LLTD Env.Temp. () -15 -40 to 10 When the environment temperature is
Work Mode Safe The system automatically
rectifiers according to this parameter.
ZTE Rectifier Setting for Battery
ok Generator starting mode
Auto Generator Mode
Generator alam voltage
Reports & Checks For PM , 4 times in a Year
Voltage Reading of each Cell during charge and discharge
Current Reading of each bank during charge and discharge
Battery Surface Temperature in the middle of the Bank(Cabinet Temperature is not Sufficient)
Battery Internal Resistance / Conductance for State of Health(SOH)
Battery Capacity Test and recording of each cell voltage to find the weakest battery for boost
charging going to site or by RMS
Full Charging of Batteries is required quarterly, Need to work at rectifier side for this purpose
Constant Current Charging if Required for reconditionning
Rectifier Logs , Settings and Status
Difference of voltage reading at rectifier side and the terminal of the battery string
Setting of Float voltage, boost voltage and interval of boost charging
Visual Inspection of Batteries for Sign of battery swelling , leekage or damage
Float voltage temperature compensation setting
Tightness of connectors, terminals etc
DC Air Con Prventive Maintenance
Quarterly Maintenance is the PM!
Part of Preventive maintenance
PM must be done each quarter.!
During the PM actions, make sure the battery
is fully recharged
Battery is under float charge conditions
The charge current is lower than 5A

The easy forgotten points
Record the battery voltage and temperature, internal
resistance and
Clean the battery with wet cloths
Visual inspection of battery if there is any sign of
leakage from the container or post
Measure DC power voltage output and compared
with the displayed number on rectifier controller
Verify the battery connection, if there is any signs of
loosing connection, fasten it!

Trouble Shooting - Batteries
No Phenomenon Possible Reasons Solutions
Leakage and / or
High temperature ;
high float voltage;
the seal of the battery failed
DC aircon faulty.
Contact with and prepare to replace
the battery;
repair the DC aircon.
Float voltage lower
than 2.20Vpc
Internal resistance is uniform or no
proper maintenance
Equalizing charge for 1224h
retest the capacity and see the
recovery status.
Low back up
Undercharge and may be the
battery over discharged for a long
Equalizing charge for 1224h the
retest the capacity. Otherwise replace
High temperature on
the surface of the case
or around the polarity
Screw loosed or internal
damage;and high charge
voltage(constant overcharge)
Check the torque and/or the
parameters settings of rectifier.
High voltage in float
Screw loosed or undercharge
Tighten the screws. Or equalize charge
for 12~24 hours.
increase(compare to
other normal cells)
Short/open cells and/or plates/
electrolyte deterioration.
Charge and retest battery or replace
as required.
Capacity Reconfirm
Make sure fully recharged!
Otherwise Boost charge with DG runs for 12-
24 hours
Conduct capacity test with shut off the AC
mains and drown 60% capacity out of the
batteries, or the average voltage is lower than
Feedback the results to BSB.