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Talent Management

Attracting, Retaining &

Developing Talent to
Enhance Organizational
The Context
A multi-business enterprise
Each of our businesses must become
leaders in the Indian global market by
Each business must become globally
competitive by 2010

The 3 Horizons
How do we grow the topline and the
bottomline on a sustained basis
How do we invest for the future while
delivering value for the shareholder in the
near term
How do we strategize to put in place engines
of growth for the future
Horizon 1
Defend & expand current products,
markets, capabilities
Horizon 2
Blend skills & competencies residing in
different businesses to create
new businesses
Horizon 3
Create new capabilities for
viable businesses in future.
Our Growth Strategy
The Context
We live in an
Era of Uncertainty
India has not yet experienced
the full impact of
globalisation but the
complexion will change
dramatically at 32
Our context makes Talent
Management a
strategic priority
People are not your most
valuable asset..
The RIGHT people are

Jim Collins
To attract the RIGHT people
we need to offer them a unique
Employee Value Proposition
Exposure to world class
manufacturing & the
opportunity to work with
Indias most valuable
Opportunity to grow into
business leaders through
cross functional & multi
business exposure
Early opportunities to
manage SBUs /

Value add to self at a
rate faster than
Head room and
elbowroom to actualise
and demonstrate
Broad canvas to experience
different businesses under the
same umbrella
The ITC Employee Value Proposition
Incubating Talent
A multi-business enterprise operates in
some industry segments which may not be
as attractive as others
The challenge therefore, is to attract talent
across diversified businesses
Incubating talent in attractive businesses
is a useful strategy to attract talent across
Growth is a pre-requisite
Talent can be retained with growth opportunities
Growth opportunities depend on business growth
New businesses are more likely to succeed if
incubated in larger, more established businesses
New businesses provide opportunities for business
leadership early in ones career
Retaining talent and growing your business are
therefore interdependent
Growth is therefore a pre-requisite
The Delicate Balance
Hi-potential talent is not always easily available.
Often, established businesses need to release hi-
potential talent for new business growth
This is possible if established businesses can fall
back on their solid citizens.
Managing solid citizens and Specialists is as
important as managing hi-potential talent
Therefore, a delicate balance needs to be struck
This balance is unique to the organization. There
is no simple formula available
The Importance of feeling
Companies do not retain people
People decide to stay
They decide to stay when they feel
Engaged employees stay longer

Feeling engaged depends on
the strength of the workplace
not necessarily on the corporate

- Buckingham & Coffman, First Break all the Rules
The 12 Questions
Clear Expectations: Do I know what is
expected of me at work?
Resources: Do I have the resources I need
to do my work?
Opportunity: Do I have the opportunity to
do what I do best?
Recognition: Have I been recognised or
praised for doing good work?
..the 12 questions
Care & Concern: Does my boss seem to care
about me as a person?
Development: Is there someone at work who
encourages my development?
Participation:At work, do my opinions seem
to count?
Purpose: Does the mission of my company
inspire me and make me feel I am adding
..the 12 questions
Quality: Are my co-workers committed to
doing quality work?
Camaraderie: Do I have a best friend at
Appraisal: Does someone talk to me about
my progress periodically?
Learning: Do I have opportunities at work
to learn and grow?
If employees can answer
positively to all 12 questions,
then you have built a
GREAT place to work
The answers to more than
half these questions lie with
the Boss
The Boss is key
The Boss - not pay or perks, or a charismatic
corporate leader - is the key player in building
a strong work place
Often, people leave managers, not companies.
No talent retention strategy will work if we do
not have the right managers in place.
Managers who nurture and mentor
Are we creating a nurturing environment for our people to