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Hunter Briegel, Michael Rutas, Michael Shemanske


•Increase bicycle usage
•Greater public transit awareness
•Waste and Recycling
•Waterless Urinals and toilets
•Natural, efficient lighting
•Geothermal energy
•Building Design
•Windows and doors

For more info refer to packet or compost.clamwave.com

•Composting reduces waste and gives back
to the environment.
•Turns waste into nutrient rich soil
•Specific waste bins can be put in café
•Students see their recycling effort
•Recycles natural resources
•Cuts down waste removal costs
•Educational benefits
•Reduces waste
•Provides good soil high in nutrients that can
be used in landscaping, and throughout the
high school and district.

For more info refer to packet or compost.clamwave.com

ZeroFlush Waterless Urinal
•No flushing mechanism. No water
expenses(saves 40,000 gallons per year)
•Maintenance benefits
•Odor free
•Less expensive to purchase than conventional
Caroma "Dual Flush“
•capable of saving up to 68% of your toilets
previous annual water usage
•4-inch trap (almost double the size of most
conventional toilets) virtually eliminates blockages
•Easy cleaning

More information available at www.greenbuildingsupply.com

•architects use rigid foam insulation
•Consider using insulation in foundation
•Slag wool and fiberglass insulation are also
energy efficient options
•Slag wool and fiberglass come from recycled
•is energy efficient; no health hazard
•Slag costs $2-4 for an inch thick of square
foot and can be reused; Fiberglass costs $1-2
for the same amount of area
•Use double pane, plastic frame, argon filled
•Arcon will be building all new exits with
•Emphasize southern facing windows
•Insulate inner window frames
•Emphasize energy star windows
•“Hybrid” lighting system
•T-5 highly efficient in lumens per watt
•Natural lighting increases test scores by 25%
•Modern natural lighting fixtures don’t leak out air
•Natural light reduces the effects of SAD
(seasonal affective disorder)
•Efficiency balances the extra cost of
T-5(approximately 20% greater).

Lighting Type Lamp Power Temperature (°C) Light Output Efficiency (lm/W)
(W) (lm)

T-5 28 35 2,900 104

T-5 High 54 35 5,000 93
T-8 32 35 2,714 85

For more info refer to packet or compost.clamwave.com

•Taps into energy stored in the ground
•Does not burn fuel
•Saves 30-60% over conventional heating
and cooling systems
•600% efficiency on cold winter days
•No fossil fuel is burned, resulting in no
carbon dioxide emissions
•Little maintenance required, systems last 2
times longer than conventional heating and
•Payback in little time

For more info refer to packet or compost.clamwave.com

Transportation and Bike usage + Survey
Transportation Improvements For

•Safer environment for bikers

•Pace bus awareness

•39.3% of respondents
said a shelter for their
bikes would encourage
them to ride to school

•The average
rating out of 10
(1being the
lowest) for the
satisfaction of the
amount of bike
storage was 5.5.
•Ad Campaign
•Flick or Click Off advertising
•Reminders around light switches
•Turn off lights and computers over summer
•Only use heating/cooling systems in
commonly used rooms
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