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in the
Internet Age
The Internet Challenge
Today, the barriers to communication are
breaking down. Social media has
removed the filters between your company
and the public. Every employee,
customer, prospect, and other individuals
or groups can influence your online
Vocus, a media monitoring firm

Whats Your Online Reputation?
Google is no longer a search engine; its
a reputation engine.

Search engines have a global reach of almost
90% of all users.
About 75% of all searchers only look at the
first ten items on a search page.
About 85% of all journalists use Google or
other search engines to find information about
a company

The Internet: 1.6 billion Users
World Regions Millions of
Users (March
% of Population % of World
Asia 657.2 l7.4% 41.2%
Europe 393.4 48.9% 24.6%
North America 251.3 74.4% 15.7%
Latin America 173.6 29.9% 10.9%
Africa 54.2 5.6% 3.4%
Middle East 45.9 23.3% 2.9%
20.8 60.4% 1.3%
EU: 300 Million Users
Penetration: 61.4%
Top 10 EU Nations Users in Millions % Penetration
Germany 55.2 67.0%
United Kingdom 43.8 71.8%
France 40.9 65.7%
Italy 28.4 48.8%
Spain 28.5 70.5%
Poland 20.0 52.0%
Netherlands 13.8 82.9%
Romania 7.4 33.4%
Sweden 7.3 80.7%
Belgium 7.0 67.3%
The Basics..
World Wide Web
63 billion pages
Over 100 million Web sites
112 million blogs
120,000 blogs created every day
Mobile Phones
About 3 billion subscribers
And The New Media
Facebook now has 250 million active
users worldwide, and MySpace has 126
About 50% of web users in U.S. now have
85 million videos on file
20 hours of video being uploaded every

And the New Media
About 10,000 podcasts
Projected U.S. audience in 2012 70
Twitter (The newest kid on the block_
Micro-blogging in l44 characters
19 million visitors in a recent month.

A New Media

Toto , Ive got a
feeling were not
in Kansas

(Judy Garland)
Wizard of Oz
The Old Media System
A model going back to Gutenberg

Traditional mass media:
Centralized & top down
Costly high barrier to entry
Gatekeepers/mediated info
Mostly one-way, with limited feedback
The New Media..
Definition of media has changed:
Widespread broadband
Cheap/free online publishing tools
New distribution channels
Mobile devices, such as camera phones
24/7 News, Information
Media is now democratized
A Massive Shift..
The Internet has surpassed newspapers
as a preferred source of news.
In the U.S., 70% of people between the
ages of 45-54 now regularly read, watch or
listen to social media like blogs or
By 2010, about 70% of all digital media in
the world will be created by consumers
And the Impact
Virtually anyone can find any opinion
on any subject with a few simple
searches through the Internet. And
once found, those opinions can be
expanded, editorialized, and shared
around the world within seconds.
Prof. Brad Rawlins, Brigham Young University
The New Media Ecosystem
The Consumer is King
Web empowerment has made the
consumer king, and it has made long-
standing corporate and individual
reputations extremely vulnerable.

-- Roy Vaughn, chair of PRSA counselors
The Consumer is King
In the old days, someone might have
a bad customer experience and tell
10 people. But now, with the rise of
blogs, MySpace and FaceBook, that
person might be able to tell 10,000
people. This totally changes the
Robin Daniels, Financial Times
Preserving Reputation
Your companys reputation is an
easy target for people who write on
blogs, Web sites, and in the
mainstream media. How the portray
your company, whether right or
wrong, affects reputation and
shareholder value.
Preserving Reputation
Information thats not necessarily correct
can get out very quickly and become an
Internet urban legend. Misinformation can
spread like wildfire. The second negative
news hits, the impression of your brand or
company can be devastated online almost
Kevin King, Edelman Worldwide
Kryptonites Blogstorm

Major reputational and
brand damage to a chain of
pizza restaurants/take-out.

Two employees in
Conover, NC, used a
webcam to upload a
disgusting video to

Within 24 hours, a 500,000
views, which increased to
over a million within 48
Blogs Spread The Story
Dominos Response
CEO posts a two-minute video on
YouTube apologizing for the incident and
telling what the company is doing to move
forward. (generated one million views)
Its not a surprise that this has caused a lot of
damage to our brand.
Online surveys found reputation of company
among consumers went from positive to
Coverage of the Video
Dominos Response
Started Twitter account to communicate
with customers.
Provided links to articles/blogs about crisis
and to the corporate web page.
Created a customer care page providing
information, reinforce brand, and answer
consumer concerns.
Dominos Response
Communicated via email to all franchises
and employees to keep them informed.
Conducted media interviews with leading
bloggers and mainstream media.
Distributed regular news releases via
electronic news services to media, social
network sites.
Used Face Book profile to build friends.
And even
Sharon Stone

Unhappy about Chinas treatment
of Tibet..

And then all this earthquake and
all this stuff happened, and I
thought, is that karma when
youre not nice, that the bad things
happen to you.

Hong Kong TV station interview

Placed on YouTube

Circulated on Chinese video-
sharing sites.

Dior withdraws ads showing Stone
as spokesperson.
Response to Internet Attacks
Constantly monitor the Internet
Take quick action and do timely updates
Use the same media as your critics
Respond at appropriate level
Remain professional
Be truthful and transparent
The Power of the New Media
Collectively, the social media
including blogs, social networks, RSS
feeds, podcasts, wikis, newsgroups
have the power to support or destroy
a brand or reputation.

Makovsky & Company
High Risks but also opportunities
Bypass traditional media gatekeepers and
reach audiences directly.
Multiple communication tools
Better manage an organizations
Engage in dialogue with stakeholders
The biggest focus group that ever
Using the Tools of the New
Preserving & building reputation through
various tools:
The multimedia news release
Organizational Web sites
Social networks (MySpace, Facebook, Twitter
Social Media
Audio Summary Headline
Embedded hyperlinks
Social media tags
Blog and online coverage
User friendly options
Newsroom link
Comment field
Keyword cloud navigation
Website thumbnail
Social media tags
Web Sites

The basic foundation block for
projecting a favorable image and
building trust, credibility.

Make it fast load in 8 seconds

Use functional, balanced design

Important features on left side of
page or highlighted.

No dead links
Include contact info

Purpose marketing or image
Keep it fresh

Link with major search engines


Press room

RSS feeds


Creating a special web site
to generate customer
feedback, suggestions, and

Creating a social network
where users can comment
on each others ideas

An effort to revitalize the
brand and preserve
reputation as the leading
coffee house.
Online Newsrooms
An online news room the medias
front door to the company.Sherri
Deatherage Green, PRWeek

90% of journalists use corporate
websites to get information about
an organization. (PRWeek 2009 survey)
Online Newsrooms
A good online newsroom should have
Current and archived news releases
Names, phone #s, and direct email
addresses of PR contacts
Downloadable high-resolution photos,
Fact sheets, executive bios, etc.
Links to other Web sites
HPs Online
The New Era of Social Media
Also called interactive media
The focus is on listening, engaging in
dialogue not telling.
Idea to participate in a conversation
with your stakeholders, not control the
Engaging the Customer
When a company embraces Web 2.0, it
makes contact with its public in a more
casual, less sanitized way that, as a result,
is accepted with much less cynicism. Web
2.0 offers a direct, more trusted line of
communication than anything that came
before it.
David Pogue, New York Times
The New Era of Social Media
Social media is powered by such tools as:
RSS Feeds
Social networks
The New Era of Social Media
Has revolutionized public relations.
Old model: control of the message.
New model: A more symmetrical
model of communication.
Puts the public back in public

Social Media
For companies worried about how
consumers and activists view their
business practices, these new media
channels present a fresh challenge,
undermining a traditional command-and-
control approach to corporate
communications and reputation
management. -- Financial Times
Social Media
Its here to stay not going away

Your organization is already being
discussed online --- so you need to
join the conversation in order to
preserve and maintain your
Words of Advice
1. Be pro-active, take part in discussions
about your brand, corporate image.
2. Be open to criticism; respond quickly with
the right voice.
3. Remember, the manner in which a
company handles its criticisms is one of
the most important factors in its
reputation. -- Robert Stephens, CEO of Geek Squad
In Other Words

Authenticity is the key to using these
tools to build brand reputation and
connect with key audiences.

Eric Wright, SVP of DS Simon Productions
Importance of blogs
75% of journalists say blogs and other
forms of social media help shape editorial
72% of bloggers are influenced by
traditional media coverage in terms of
what they write about.
76% of PR pros say blogs have
significantly impacted organizational
Corporate Blogs
Idea: Dialogue an discussion with your
stakeholders, customers.
The conversation should be:
And full of insights

Reputation Aspects
Establish organization as
- Trusted source for consumers
- Thought leader in the industry
- Authentic and caring
- Responsive to public concerns
- Open and progressive

Responsive to
Public Concerns
General Motors

Blogger Policy:
1. We will tell the truth. We
will acknowledge and
correct any mistakes
2. We will not delete
comments unless they are
spam, or defamatory.
3. We will reply to comments
when appropriate as
promptly as possible.
4. We will link to online
references and original
sources directly.
5. We will disagree with other
opinions respectfully.

Open and

Open for Discussion

A Blog by the VP of
corporate social
responsibility to solicit
discussion and feedback.

We want to hear from you
because we are always
learning and trying to
improve. And you cant
learn or improve without

Employee Blogs
Empowers employees
Vehicle for interacting with public,
customers on many levels
Highly credible --- Twice as believable as
official corporate blogs
Enhances corporate reputation for
accessibility, transparency.
Sun Microsystems
15% of employees about 4,200 have
Many are highly technical engineers and
programmers talking to each other.
Idea of CEO --- Enhance reputation for
accessibility, transparency to counter
image of corporate arrogance.
Corporate Culture????
To blog or not to blog that is the
Depends on corporate culture.
Open vs. closed systems
Commitment to vertical
communications vs. horizontal
Media Relations in the
Increasingly, PR Pros need to pay as
much attention to influential bloggers as
they have traditionally done with the
mainstream media.
A blogger can make or break your new
product or service
Need to cultivate bloggers (carefully)

New policy after being
severely criticized for
customer service, product

Constantly monitors the
blogosphere and the
Internet for Dell stories,
comments, criticisms.

Today, its nearly
impossible to find a story or
blog entry about Dell that
isnt accompanied by a
comment from the
company. -- New York
Responding to Blog Attacks
Evaluate the post comments
Is the attack true?
Will an escalation have a negative impact on
our brand or reputation?
Will it have a negative effect on sales?
If we respond, will it help reduce future

Source: Makovsky & Company
Audio or video programs of
varying lengths available on:
MP3 players
Corporate web sites
RSS feeds
Purina Pet Foods

Podcasts on how to take
care of your pet, etc.

Available anytime

Corporations need to
understand that the usage
of audio and video
podcasts enhance the
image, both internally and
The new community center
Growth area: People Aged 35+
120 Million Users log-on every day
Hosts 100,000 pages for business
Well-suited for small businesses
Builds contacts, relationships

Evolve public service
campaign focusing on
sexual health

Integrated Campaign

News releases
Media tours
YouTube videos

Popular site:

80 million users watched over
3 billion videos in a single

Short videos (1 to 3 minutes)
Be Creative
Be Humorous
Offer contests

HP -- spoof on inkjet printer
The Ink Is It. --- most viewed
comedy clip for a week.
Twitter: Fad or the Future??
Concept of posting l40-character posts
as micro-blogs.
In the U.S., a monthly audience of l4
million people about 5 percent of the
Used by organizations for product
promotions, special events, crisis
Twitter Use by Fortune 100
Category Percentage
News Updates
Customer Service/Direct
Human Resources/Job
Monitoring the New Media
The capability to
comprehensively monitor
global media is a strategy
companies need to protect
reputation and shareholder
value. Factiva

Monitoring Your Online
Google your organization on a daily basis
Google Alerts
Track visits & downloads
RSS feed subscribers
Google Analytics

Monitoring Your Online
Do analysis of content
The conversation index
Tone, number of postings
Police use of trademarks & logos
Stop unauthorized use
Subscribe to RSS feeds
A list of bloggers, consumer chat groups
Monitoring Your Online
Use metrics available on MySpace,
Facebook, YouTube to get profile of users

Check sites such as digg.com to get index
of hot topics, posts.

Secure domain names for your brands,
logos in various online environments.
A Final Thought ..
The communications world is
dramatically moving in a digital
direction. And those who understand
the transformation will communicate
much more effectively than those who
do not.
Larry Weber, founder of Weber Shandwick
Thanks for
Your Attention

Dennis L. Wilcox, Ph.D.
APR, Fellow PRSA

Professor of Public
School of Journalism
San Jose State