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Atty. Ethelbert B. Ouano

Media Practitioners?
According to Com. Res. No. 9615, as
amended by Com. Res. No. 9631
facebook users
Twitter users
igers / instagram users
among others are MEDIA
PRACTITIONERS and therefore
bound by the law on Fair Election Act
SOCIAL MEDIA is a potent medium
for political campaigns.
35 percent of the total 95 million Filipinos have access to
No candidate can afford to ignore social media as the
number of social media users in a locality can be higher
than the margin of victory.

There are around 30,094,560 Filipinos who are
Facebook Users. Demographics show that the
largest age group is 18-24 years old followed by
the users in the age of 25 to 34.
Roughly, 60% = Youth
Social Media presence is a must for a
Publicity and Engagement Levels
A social media campaign done right will
certainly have an impact on the outcome of the

Social Media can be used or abused.
it can even confuse
In Cebu

- No twitter account
- FB Group: Davide Magpale
Graft Free Cebu Province 2013-
- 2,266 members
- crowd-sourced content.

- @pablojohncebu has 1,197
- FB Page Pablo John Garcia has
- Updated with recent photos

In the city
2 full FB accounts (roughly
around 10,000 friends)
undisclosed number of
friends but FB account has
Social Media Advantages?
Facts and Content driven.
Creatives can make your campaign viral.
It can appeal to emotions.
Cultivates exchange and multiplication.
Effective transmission down to the network.
Cultivates interests.
It can be intelligent but it can sometimes be sarcastic.

For Bloggers / Social Media Users?
Running ads of candidates in their blogs would be an
additional income for bloggers.
Since candidates are required to report expenses to the
COMELEC, Bloggers will be required to have their TIN
and report their income to the BIR
Blogging black market / underground economy will be
Encourages the registration of blogs in order to tap this
revenue poll during election season.

Election Campaign
Personal opinions, views, and preferences for
candidates, contained in blogs shall not be considered
acts of election campaigning or partisan political activity
unless expressed by government officials in the
Executive Department, the Legislative Department, the
Judiciary, the Constitutional Commissions, and
members of the Civil Service.
If you cant charge people campaigning for their
candidate by word of mouth, by analogy this should
apply in the online world.

Problem Areas
Pay per post.
Lengthy disclosure
Is right to reply available on-line?
It is not a perfect law but definitely, a good start.