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Human resources (HR) are recognized as one of
the most valuable assets of organizations.
Organizations usually have specially trained
individuals who work exclusively on the HR
aspects of management.
Human resources is also the name of the function
within an organization charged with the overall
responsibility for implementing strategies and
policies relating to the management of
Staff are the life-blood of any library or information service,
and effective recruiting.
Training can make all the difference between a poor or run-
of-the-mill service and high quality service, particularly in
periods of limited finance and low job mobility.
The aim is not just to fill vacancies, but to place people in
jobs where they are likely to be well adjusted to their
responsibilities and the organization as a whole.
Works at those tasks that are predominantly intellectual and non-
Those requiring a special background and education on the basis of
which organization needs are identified, problems are analyzed, goals
are set a, and original and creative solutions are formulated for them,
integrating theory into practice and planning, organizing,
communicating and administering successful programs of services to
users of the organization materials and services.
Consists of workers with a varied set of skills,
from paraprofessional to clerical.
Usually the largest group of fulltime employee
in organizations and their activities cover a
wide range of essential duties.
This support staff handles the routines
operations in most departments.
Job Analysis
A job analysis is the process used to collect information about the
duties, responsibilities, necessary skills, outcomes, and work
environment of a particular job.

It allows the organizations to gather information about that is
actually being done by employees holding specific jobs.

Methods of job analysis :

Observations towards job
Written questionnaires
Requesting employees to record their job in daily log or diary.
Job evaluation is a practical technique, designed to enable
trained and experienced staff to judge the size of one job
relative to others.

Is the technique used to compare the relative worth of jobs in
an organizations enabling equitable grading and rewards
systems to be created.

Skills, education, experience and the amount of end
responsibility are common criteria used in making evaluation.

Job description also become the basis for determining training
needs and for identifying tasks that require special effort before the
employee can perform well.

Elements of job description :

Job identification job title and name of department
Job summary details of responsibilities
Job activities and procedures description of task performed
Relationship of the job to the total institutions
Job requirements identify certain qualifications
1. Statement of purpose and objectives of the job

The best ones make strong links between the job and the organizations
overall aims so that the job holder, if prepared to take the objectives
seriously, could develop a strong sense of playing a purposeful part in the
organizations complex network of activities and services to its public.

2. Main tasks and duties

This section of the job description is often a straightforward list of the
activities which the job holder will be expected to perform, but it will be
noted from the examples that organizations are tending to take an
objectives approach and in some cases giving a weighting to the various
tasks or accountabilities.
3. Place of the post in the organizations staffing structure

It is important to make clear the range and level of decision-making
involved in the job, in addition to a bald statement about position in the
staff hierarchy.

4. Contacts outside the organizations

It is useful to indicate the range and level of people in the community
with the whom the post holder will be required to develop and maintain
5. Salary scales and working conditions

These are part of the contextual, as opposed to content of job,
information which is essential in job descriptions, particularly when used
in the recruitment process. Working conditions include details of hours,
holidays, opportunities of staff development such as time and expenses
for attending professional workshops and conferences, and prospects for
6. Organizational factors

In some job descriptions libraries take a lot of trouble to convey the
philosophy and structure of the service as their operate it, in order to
attract the right kind of staff for them.
The personal specification describes the person capable of doing
the job.

The job description should be sufficiently informative to enable a
realistic picture to be outlined of the attributes required in a
successful applicant.

The job description and the personnel specification are often
combined in one document for recruitment purposes.

Job applicants who send off for further details receive information
on the duties and responsibilities of the job, and also the
qualifications, experience and qualities required in the person who
will be appointed.
Recruitment involves seeking and attracting a pool of
applicants from which qualified candidates for a vacant
positions can be chosen.

Stages in selecting staff :

1. Advertising
2. Short-listing
3. Informal interviews
4. Formal interviews
5. Group selection
6. Tests
Systematic evaluation of an individual employees job related
strength and weaknesses.

Staff appraisal illustrates very well the nature of management
and the reasons why it is complex activity with a variety of

Modern management has emphasized the need to be
systematic in deciding clearly the objectives of any activity, how it
could best be carried out, and how it should be monitored and
changed in the light of experience.
To determine how well an employee performs on the job.
Facilitate the promotions of outstanding workers.
Should be done frequently to let employee know if their
performance is satisfactory.
Appraisal can be made after the probation period.
Peer appraisals
Appraising superiors
360-degree appraisals
Self appraisals
Performance Reviews

To improve the performance of the organization and in particular
the performance of individual members of staff. This incorporate the
discovery of training needs, the motivation of staff, counseling and
shaping behavior by praise or punishment.

Potential Reviews

To predict the level and type of work the individual will be capable of
performing in the future.

Reward Reviews

To allocate and distribute rewards more fairly.
Once you have recruited your staff, they will need training in
the skills necessary for them to carry out their duties in the
information centre. This applies to staff at all levels, regardless
of their previous experience and professional knowledge.

New staff may have specialist knowledge from previous
experience of the routine work of an information centre, such as
cataloguing, classification, enquiry services, but this need to be
supplemented by detailed information about the organization
that they have joined.
This training can be delivered through formal courses, through
appropriate documentation, or a combination of both. This is
important for developing staff who never worked on particular
activities before, and you will find that it also helps with writing
job descriptions.
A systematic process, which is planned and controlled, but
also includes learning from experience.
Concerned with developing and improving the concepts, skills
and attitudes of people considered as individuals and as
Aimed at improving performance in the persons present and
possible future jobs.
Through all these, enhancing the effectiveness of the part of the
organization where the individual or group works.
A career usually defined as a series of positions occupied by an
individual during the course of a lifetime, and a career
development is a long term attempt to help employees shape
careers that are satisfying to them.

Pre Career
Early Career
Mid Career
Late Career
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