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Flyers Distributors is a Reliable and

effective Flyer Distribution Company in

We are also Expert in Leaflet, Magazine,
Catalogue Distribution in Dubai.
Flyers Distribution Dubai is an independently owned business specializing in the
distribution of door drop materials including leaflets, flyers, brochures and samples.
We were established in 2007 and since then we have grown our client base to include
an impressive roster of local and regional clients who book regular leaflet drops with
us across Dubai and beyond.

Our commitment to helping our customers achieve the best possible return from their
leaflet marketing sets us apart from our competitors and thats why we have so
many repeat customers. Our flyers and leaflet distribution experience of more than 10

This is when we started delivering flyers and leaflets for our formerly owned moving
company. We were managing and supervising the leaflet distributors ourselves and
saw a good return from our flyers and leaflet distribution efforts.

Later, we established a guttering company which needed very large scale leaflet
distribution. Due to the scale of distribution needed we sought out external flyers and
leaflet distribution companies.

Unfortunately, we couldnt find any reliable distribution firms. So, we launched our
own full scale distribution service to deliver leaflets across United Arab Emirates.
Flyer Distribution
Directory Distribution
Magazine Distribution
Catalogue Distribution
Specialized Distribution
Email Marketing
SMS Marketing
Deira Flyer Distribution- This area of Dubai is truly eclectic, mixing the traditional with the
modern. To the west is souk land, a rabbit warren of narrow alleys, where cheap eateries
jostle for space with overflowing shops selling goods of every description.

Bur Dubai Flyer Distribution- The bustling Bur Dubai area is the location of some of Dubais
most historic buildings, including the beautiful wind-towered Al Fahidi Historical District
the old mercantile headquarters.

Oud Metha Flyer Distribution- Oud Metha is a largely residential area of Dubai, but also
home to an array of recreational and educational facilities. There are classy shops at the
glorious reincarnation of ancient Egypt that is Wafi City, excellent eateries at the nearby
Pyramids, some seriously sophisticated bars at the adjoining Raffles Dubai hotel as well as
additional retail opportunities at Lamcy Plaza.

Sheikh Zayed Road Flyer Distribution- Heading south-west from Trade Centre Roundabout
towards Abu Dhabi, the famous 12-lane Sheikh Zayed Road runs parallel to the coast. Lined
with hotels, malls, office and apartment blocks of stunning chrome and glass, the
architecture speaks of eye-popping wealth and conspicuous consumption.

Jumeirah and Satwa Flyer Distribution- Jumeirah is an affluent suburb crammed with all
the facilities needed to live the good life: desirable properties, art galleries, boutiques,
lovely parks and beautiful people. This area of Dubai is a soap opera neighbourhood in the
making, with some of the well-heeled female residents being dubbed the Jumeirah Jane set.
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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