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Chapter 5 Race and Oppression

Three groups historically oppressed in US

as a result of Nativism and color
Native Americans
African Americans
Asian Americans

Native Americans
ColonistsColumbus history
Conflictprimarily over land claims based on lack of
habitation (learn terms)
Indigenous peoplefailure to learn from
Foods and medicines
Gender equality
Treatieslegal document negotiated for
purpose of trade, peace and other matters
Indian Sovereigntyimportant part of
treaties because it affirmed legal rights of
Indian nations to behave as nations
Contemporary issueslogos and
mascots; finances; education; land
management; religious matters
African Americans
Soldiers and explorers
West African descent
Business interest
Fought in revolution but not rewarded with emancipation
once war ended
Constitution counted each slave as 3/5 of a person
Anti-slavery movementQuakers, Underground
railroad, Civil war, Emancipation Proclamation
Du Bois and academic freedom
Challenged all racial discrimination
Military contributions WWI
Ku Klux Klan reborn1920
1948 Executive order 9981official
desegregating US Armed forces Pres.
1954 Brown vs. Board of Education
Civil rights movement
Civil rights act of 1964Lyndon Johnson
Voting rights act of 1965Lyndon
Asian Americans
Chinese immigrantsrailroad workers; low
wages in all jobs
Chinese Exclusion Actback lash to bad economic
Japanese immigrantssettled in Hawaii worked
on plantations and in canneries in California
Asian Land Lawprohibited from owning land or
engaging in a long term lease
Federal camps100,000 lost everything and were
sent to 10 federal camps
Required to renounce their citizenship*****

Filipino immigrantsrestricted entry,
restricted professions and denied aid
during the depression

Model Minorityconcept of the 60s
Asian Americans model because they had
worked hard, overcome obstacles and were
successful by white standards
Model minority distortions
Biased data
Hispanic Americansall Spanish
speaking immigrants e.g. Mexicans,
Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Central and South
Bracero Programbegan in WWII ended
Puerto Ricobecame a US possession as
a result of the Spanish American War
Operation Bootstrapunintended
consequence was migration
Cubarevolution Castro declared country
communist nation
Cuban refugee program
Other Hispanic immigrant groups
escaping political violence and turmoil