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Top 10 Soccer World

Cup Teams
Of All Time
10. England 1966
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The final match of the tournament was held
on the home soil of England in 1966 where
West Germany was defeated by England by
4-2 goals. It was the first victory for the
England in the history of the World Cup
Soccer and became the third World Cup
host. It was the last tournament which was
broadcasted black and white.
9. Argentina 1986
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The final was played in Mexico where
Argentina defeated West Germany and
won the match by 3-2 goals. Jose Luis
Brown and Jorge Valdano were the best
performers of the match. Both brought 3
goals for the team which led the team to
win the tournament.

8. Italy 1938
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This year, the Legendary Coach of the
team Vittorio Pozzo became the only
Coach to win two World Cups in 1934 and
in 1938. He guided the team with all his
knowledge and effort and made the star
player like Giuseppe Meazza, whose
name now confers the Milan's iconic San
Siro stadium.

7. France 1998
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This is the year when France won the
tournament defeating Brazil on their home
soil. It was the year when Fabian Barthez,
Lilian Thuram and Marcel Desailly
performed performed their best for the
team to achieve the target.
6. Netherlands 1978
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Netherlands was one of the exceptional
teams in the history of World Cup Soccer
who lost the tournament in 1978 against
Argentina and won the silver of the match.
Though there were many controversial
facts with the winner team, however, in
this year, Netherland's performance was
the best till that time.

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5. Hungary 1954
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Though they could not defeat West
Germany and became the Champion in
this year, however, they could do the best
to put their name in the list of the best
performers. It was probably their only loss
in 50 worldwide matches in between 1950
and 1956.
4. Uruguay 1930
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The first team to host and win the Cup for
the first time in the history of the World
Cup Tournament. In this tournament, 13
teams had participated. Uruguay played
like the monsters against neighbour
country Argentina and became the
inaugural World Cup Winner.
3. Spain 2010
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The Champion of the previous World Cup
Soccer in 2010, Spain has already proved
its ability in controlling the ball in the field.
The mind-blowing technique of the team
actually suffocates the opponents which
helps them to win the race.
2. West Germany 1974
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After getting the victory in the European
Championship in 1972, West Germany
became the master to rule the World
Stage in 1974. It was Franz Beckenbauer
who guided the team from the back of the
field and finally achieved what it actually
1. Brazil 1970
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Brazil made the history in the record of
World Cup Soccer in 1970. Before that
tournament, no team had ever moulded
that tournament in a manner that leaded
them to the Champion of the event. They
actually played like magicians to make that
event unforgettable ever.
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