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Group Discussions

Adapted from: Wallace, Michael J. Study Skills in English. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001.
Why Group Discussions?
Learn how to focus on a topic and arrive at a
consensus in a group situation.
Force you to think critically and learn from
each other actively.
Practice how to interact with others and
express your opinion constructively.
Improve your English speaking
and listening skills.
Presenting Opinions
When responding to an idea, you
have to decide whether…
- You agree;
- You disagree; or
- You aren’t sure.
Presenting Opinions
When you agree…
- Do you agree completely?
- Do you agree partly?
- What are your supporting reasons
or arguments?
Presenting Opinions
When you disagree…
- It’s okay to disagree.
- You must respect different
- Remember, you might be wrong!
Presenting Opinions
When you don’t know…
- Have you understood the idea
- Do you want
more evidence?
Expressing agreement…
- “I couldn’t agree more about…”
- “On the whole, I think the
argument is fair in that…”
- “I think you are right
in saying that…”
- “All right, I take your point that…”
Asking for more evidence…
- “Are you saying that…?”
- “Am I correct in assuming that…?”
- “Sorry I didn’t quite get the point.
Would you mind saying it again?”
- “May I ask what
you mean by…?”
Expressing disagreement…(1)
- “I am afraid I can’t agree with
you on the point that…”
- “I must say that I am not totally
- “May I suggest another
- “You have a point there but…”
Expressing disagreement…(2)
- “Sorry, I really cannot accept
your view that…”
- “I beg to disagree with your
opinion about…”
- “I am not sure that I agree with
you entirely on the reason that…”
Expressing disagreement…(3)
Expressions to AVOID
- “I think you are wrong…”
- “I don’t see your point at all…”
- “You have misunderstood the
- “What makes you so
sure that…?”
Coming into a discussion…
- “I would like to say more on your
point about…”
- “May I come in on this point?”
- “Could I say something about…”
- “I wonder if I could say
something on…
Changing your mind…
- “On reflection, I think you were
quite right in saying that…”
- “I’d like to take back what I said
- “Come to think of it, you have a
point there when you said…”
- “I see. So it means
it’s better to say…”
Summing up…
- “The main points that have been
made are…”
- “If I could just sum up the
discussion, let me say…”
- “Let me try to pull the
threads together…”
- “I think we are basically in
agreement on…”
Group Discussions

Practice by saying
these expressions
Group Discussions

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