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Photo-realism, [aka Super-realism
or Hyper Realism]
Duane Hanson

Robert Cottingham

Franz Gertsch
(b Mörigen, Switzerland, 8 Mar 1930)
Wayne Thiebaud
Pop Art

Claes Oldenburg
Pop Art


James Peale

William Michael Harnett


Charles Sheeler
Malcolm Morley, English (b. 1931)
S.S. Rotterdam
photo-silkscreen with color overlay
40 15/16" x 30 1/8"
Chuck Close:
Self-portrait (1968; Minneapolis, MN,
Walker A. Cent.)

’71 Buick (1972; New York, Guggenheim)
Richard Estes:
Central Savings, 1975,
oil on canvas, Nelson-Atkins
Museum of Art, Kansas City

Duane Hanson:
Tourists (polyester and
fibreglass polychromed in
oil, with accessories, life-
size, 1970; Edinburgh,
N.G. Mod. A.),
George Segal [Am. Pop Sculptor, 1924-2000]
Three Figures on Four Benches,
Cuyahoga County Justice Center
bronze with white patina, 1979

John De Andrea (American, b. 1941)

Tara, 2002 bronze, painted
54 x 13 x 28 inches
Duane Hanson:
Football Players (1969;
Aachen, Neue Gal.).

Marilyn Levine
Canadian, born 1935
Brown Boots, Leather Laces
clay and leather, 1973
John De Andrea:
Clothed Artist and Model (1976;
New York, O. K. Harris Gal

Fumio Yoshimura, 1926-2002

A bunch of five daffodils
Wood, 20.7 x 0 in. / 52.7 x 0 cm
Double Self-portrait (1976;
New York, MOMA)

Solomon Guggenheim
Museum (1979; New
York, Guggenheim)

Richard Estes
(b Kewanee, IL,
14 May 1932)
Big Nude (1967–8; artist’s coll)

Close Chuck
(b Monroe, WA, 5 July 1940)

Self Portrait, 1999

Color Silkscreen, edition of 80.
65.5 x 54 inches
Linda (1975–6; Akron, OH, A. Mus.)

Robert/104,072. 1973-74.
Synthetic polymer paint and ink with
graphite on gessoed canvas, 9' x 7'
Keith/Mezzotint 1972

John (edition of 80), 1997,

126 color silkscreen,
64 1/2 x 54 1/2 inches
Leonardo’s Lady (1.88×2.03 m, 1975;
New York, MOMA)

Buddha, 1975, Gray Border series

Oil over acrylic on wet sanded canvas,
70x96" - Saint Louis Art Museum

Audrey Flack
(b New York, 30 May 1931)
Don Eddy
(b Long Beach, CA, 4 Nov 1944)

New Shoes for H

(1973; Cleveland, OH,
Mus. A.)

Red Mercedes 1972

24 x 31 inches
John (Louis)
De Andrea
(b Denver, CO,
24 Nov 1941)

Polychromed polyvinyl, mixed media

Housewife, 1970
autobody filler,
fibreglass and mixed
media, with
life size

Duane Hanson
(b Alexandria, MN, 17 Jan
1925; d Boca Raton,
FL, 6 Jan 1996)
SS France 1974.
Oil on canvas with
objects on two
panels, oil on
aluminium. 204,5 x
Malcolm Morley 153,7 x 7,6 cm.
(b London, 1931) Private collection

Train Wreck (1975;

Vienna, Mus. 20.
Damien Hirst Hospital 2004
oil on canvas, 78 x 136-1/2 inches
Courtesy Gagosian Gallery
Damien Hirst
Two Pills
oil on canvas,
60 x 40 inches
Jenny Saville
(b Cambridge, 7 May 1970)

Plan, 1993, oil on canvas, 9' X 7'

Fulcrum, 1999, oil on canvas, 8 1/2' X 16'
Till Gerhard: Irren, 2004, Oil on Canvas,180 x 200cm
Lucy McKenzie: Olga Korbut
1998, Oil on Canvas
107 x 213.5cm
Dirk Skreber
It Rocks Us So Hard Ho Ho Ho 2
2002, Oil on Canvas, 160 x 280cm
Wilhelm Sasnal, Terrorist Equipment, 2000, 63x80cm
Michael Raedecker: ins and outs 2000, Acrylic
and Thread on Canvas, 198 x 330cm