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Crime Fiction is essentially about the solving of a crime, usually a
mystery of murder. Crime Fiction texts question what it is to be
human and raise questions about identity. The main feature of
crime fiction is the plot and the story always reflects the culture
and social values of when it was written. The texts are often part
of a series featuring the same detective. The plot can also reflect
the social changes of the time.
Hard-boiled fiction
The most recognized characteristic of hard-boiled fiction is the
tough-talking, streetwise, risk taking, cynical detective who lives
societies edges and solved crafty murder cases.
In reference to a text, voice means the
composer's voice the idea of a speaking
consciousness, the controlling presence or
'authorial voice' behind the characters, narrators
and personas in a text. It is also described as
the implied composer. The particular qualities of
the composer's voice are manifested by such
things as her or his method of expression (such
as an ironic narrator) and specific language.
PAGES 1-14
1. What was your first reaction to the speaker?
2. What hints about the case appear in this
3. Sydney is depicted unusually as very squalid
and crime ridden. What image of Sydney are
we more commonly used to? Why does Day
change this?
4. How does Day create suspense in this
1. What was your first reaction to the
2. List the ways Day represents the
speaker as selfish and arrogant.
3. Compare the two dreams. How has Day
used language to make them clear
PAGE 16-40
1. What do we learn about the minor characters?
List all the things you discover.
2. List four comments about the Australian way of
3. Technology dates very quickly. What aspects of
the description have dated already?
4. Look at each of the minor characters. What
different language styles typify their voice?

PAGES 41-42
1. What is Days attitude to the
Australian children? How do you
2. Explain why being remembered and
glorified might be so important to a
refugee child like this?
PAGES 43-64
1. How does Day make it clear that Sally is
an actress with her emotions?
2. What do we learn about Claudia from her
discussion with Steve?
3. What do we learn about Steve from his
discussion with Claudia?
PAGES 65-66
1. Describe the tone of this section. How
does it make us feel about the speaker?
2. Do we know who Nolan is? Why is the
name mentioned?
3. How worthy do you think this man is of
the recognition he desires?
PAGES 67-82
1. What do we learn about Claudia from the fight
2. Why do you think Ronny has received
information she was not to be hunted down?
3. Does Claudia speak differently when she is with
Steve as opposed to when she is working? Give
4. How would you describe Steve? How is this
reflected in the language he uses?
PAGES 83-84
1. What 5 things have you learned
about Sydney you did not know
2. What is the speakers attitude
towards those in authority? How
are language features used to
represent this attitude?
PAGES 85-131
1. How is the language used to describe her time with
Steve different to that which follows after she realises
someone has been in her room?
2. How might an underbelly lord have caused a journalists
3. How would you describe the language of Guys article?
Explain what sort of person you think he was by this
4. What evidence is there that Sally is somehow involved in
Marks death?
5. Why does Claudia think Steve is involved?

PAGES 132-134
1. What does the fascination with
technology reveal about Harry
2. What is Lavenders tone as he tells of
killing Mark?
3. What is your final reaction to Lavender?
Is he as impressive as he think he is?
PAGES 135-169
1. Explain how her name can be the password and what is
the point of Lavenders message?
2. What do Ottos actions and words reveal about his

Name Age Personality Appearance Relationships
Claudia Valentine
Mark Bannister
Sally Villos
Steve Angell
Mrs Levack
Harry Lavender
Robbie Macmillan
Carol Rawlins
"I woke up feeling like death."
"I didn't recall issuing the invitation but I must have.
"My legs are my best weapon."
"...the smell was there, the smell of intrusion."
"I felt sympathy for her but it was too late."
"The old boys' network had begun."
"And meeting an angel had certainly brightened up my day."
"...an ash-tray: full...and a bottle of Jack Daniels, empty..."
"They looked like cops, or hired muscle."
"But in Sydney, money buys status."
"Crime figures who are, themselves, respectable businessmen."
"I don't carry a gun like some of my more cowboy colleagues."
" 'No,' I said, matching her word for word
"The BMW guys, fat cats (the rich) surfer guys' conversation dropped to the ground like
pebbles as white as porcelain.

"I am famous, a legend in my time."
"Oh yes, they will remember.
"Its growth and mine are inexorably linked.
"My address in the city is The Beehive."
"In the world of the hive deviation is not tolerated.
"Technology is light years ahead of ethics."
"The motherboard could last forever but the casement of flesh is crumbling..."
"I stand on top of my city."
"We cannot help but create in our own image."
"All artifacts are mirrors."