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Skill, Scale and Speed

A Self Inquiry Into the Economic Prescriptions of the PM-Part IV

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V.I.G.Menon, Vyloppilly.
Types of Energy Requirement
1.Fundamental energy derived from nature makes machines
2.The Physical energy, of the people , as mere calories ,help
transferring, moving ,the materials (or code pieces) across work
3.The Intellectual/emotional energy using which people
design the production /cultural/governance process such as a
sequence of heating, hammering, forging and so on or decide the
work flow.In a software process or in government.
4.The Social energy
4a. The Social energy of leadership of entrepreneurs to Organise
individuals across the organization to run a production/service system and
earn profits for the organization.
4b.The Social Energy of the Leadership of the Nation organises
human behavior so that the cross-organization or cross- people or
People-Organization transactions can be error and so conflict free !
Remember Error is Terror
5. Finally the Spiritual Energy ,make people understand the
value of values such as ;dharma/righteousness, duty,prayer for welfare of all
or the self ,so on for harmonious growth of all ..
2.The Physical Energy of
the People
This is the sheer mechanical power
we use in lifting, moving etc. of
ourselves, or, anything .
Such Energy of the Raw/Skilled labour
makes production systems run more
This Energy Comes From the food
But health is the main actor..eg an aging
labor force make economy slow
Physical Energy of People Manifests
in Four Major Ways
As General Health Of The Citizens
As Labour force of the Nation
As a Nations Sporting and Athletic
As unruly Mob Power in Hartals,
Political Goonda-Giri, Fisticuffs in
Families or in Public
The Programme Types That Liberate
Physical Energy of People for work
Livelihood and Food Security Programs
Health Programs For all, Specially for Women/Children
Time and Effort Saving Programmes For Working Class at
work/Home or in Government Interfaces
Cost of Life Reduction Programmes
General Cost Saving Programmes
Safety At Home & work Place Or in Travel Programmes
(locally or even in migrant cases abroad)
Insurance/Pension Programmes
Sanitation and Disease Prevention Programs
Habitat/House Provision Programmes
Other Welfare Measures
Slum Clearance Programs
Low Cost Communication Interfaces With Governmental

More Programmes :Existing and New

a) Ensuring Food Security to labour force at any cost
b) Ensuring Physical/Mental Health by extending Group
ESI /Insurance for farmers/Construction labour
/unemployed etc.
c)Ensuring Peace Of Mind In Families of Labour force
d) Reducing their wasted time in waiting in queues for
ration,bank loans etc.etc...
e)Facilitating supply of provisions ,white goods and money
at low cost.
f)Ensuring a house ,a place to stay with Peace Of Mind and
g)Home Delivery Of Ration/Cooked
Food/Provisions/Water/Fuel for cooking and essential
winter clothing
More Programmes :Existing and New

h)Preventing Beggary through Welfare Schemes.
i)Continuous Skill Upgradation of all.
j)Ensuring Safety at work
k)Initiating SHG Cooperatives for goods and services ,
run by Labour force
l)Ensuring Sound Culture by encouraging individuals
m) Reduce Pollution of Natural Resources
n)Reduce Pesticides in food
o)Ensure Better Agricultural Yields
p)Ensuring Cheaper Availability of Cooked Food/Food
More Programmes :Existing and New

q) Providing Sufficient Rest/Leisure
r) Providing Sanitation/Maternity/Post Maternity Services
s)Providing Moral/Cultural Training
t)Organising/Supporting Village Level Traditional Festivities.
u)Providing Free,Quality School Education to All
v)Introducing Youth Engagement Programs
w) Improving Vocational /Career/Family Counselling
x)Imparting Organisational/Art/Craft/Entrepreneurial Skills to
BPL/Labour families in villages and cities.
Y)Providing Health Services,Mediclaim/Insurance to all
z) Extending Medical Experts Services Through Telemedicine.

And so on

The Cobb-Douglas Equation
The Cobb-Douglas Equation relates
the Contribution of Labour and
Capital in the Production of an
economy ,roughly as
Production Qty = KL

Which gives the Production quantity as a product of capital Cand
labour L through their dependence factor (elasticity) a or b
on output multiplied by a constant K (indicating productivity of
eg,in a micro economy).
Thus to improve productivity,we can increase capital
equipments and reduce raw labour,or increase trained
Learning Point 3
Learning Point 3 : All production systems
should continually improve their
technologies (and Skills) to meet gfbcv
criteria for economic outputs.
Where gfbcv means, Greener, Speedier, Better,
Cheaper,and Larger Volume Scale of Products/Services.
Caution:As the Country Develops,the raw
labour shortage will increase and robotics
may have to step in.

The Uncultured Physical Force
It is the Potential Disorder that causes People To
People, People Vs Government Conflicts Resulting in
Physical Violence , including Violence Against
Individuals Should be facilitated to imbibe cultural and
ethical values from their own Religion.
HR Ministry Should Focus On Cultural Training through
formal and informal education to all

Contd. in Part V