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Young Britist Artists [YBAs; BritArt]

Richard Wentworth
Michael Craig-Martin: Yellow Eight 1985
Suspense, 1987, Aluminum, Galvanised steel and brass
painted steel and vinyl on perspex object: 323 x 585 x 340 mm
with electric light sculpture

(b into a
Jewish family
in Baghdad,
Iraq on
9 June 1943)

The new Saatchi Gallery in

Duke of York's HQ, Sloane Square
opens November 2007
Chris Ofili
Holy Virgin Mary, 1996
paper collage, oil paint, glitter,
polyester resin, map pins,
elephant dung on linen
Fiona Rae (British, 1963)
Night Vision 1998
Oil and acrylic on canvas
2440 x 2135 x 51 mm, Tate

Angela Bulloch (Canadian, 1966)

West Ham - Sculpture for Football Songs 1998
Mixed media
overall display dimensions variable
installation, Tate
Richard Patterson (British, 1963)
Painted Minotaur 1996-7
Oil on canvas 2083 x 1582 mm, Tate

Gary Hume (British, 1962)

Gary Hume, The Twins, 2006
Sarah Lucas’ Two Fried
Eggs and a Kebab
(photograph, fried eggs,
kebab and table, 1992;
London, Saatchi Gal.)

Damien Hirst’s The Physical

Impossibility of Death in the Mind
of Someone Living (tiger shark,
glass and steel, 1991; London,
Saatchi Gal.)
Marc Quinn (born 1964)
No Visible Means of Escape IV 1996
Rubber 4000 x 600 x 400 mm, Tate

Gavin Turk (born 1967)

Oeuvre (Duck) 2002
Painted fibreglass
Ron Mueck
Ghost 1998
foam, acrylic
fibre and
2019 x 648 x
991 mm, Tate

Chris Ofili (British, 1968)

No Woman, No Cry 1998
Acrylic, oil and mixed media on canvas
243.8 x 182.8 cm, Tate
Dinos Chapman
(b London, 19 Jan 1962)
Jake Chapman
(b Cheltenham, 3 Nov 1966)

Disasters of War 1993

Mixed media
1300 x 2000 x 2000 mm, Tate

Treasury of Human Inheritance, 2000

Agates, silver and steel
Details from Hell
Glass fibre, plastic and
mixed media
Damien (Steven) Hirst
(b Bristol, 7 June 1965)

A Thousand Years
(1989; London, Saatchi Gal.),
In and Out of Love 1991

Mother and Child Divided 1993

Beautiful, Shattering,
Slashing, Violent,
Pinky, Hacking,
Sphincter Painting
Cornelia Parker
(b Cheshire, 14 July 1956)

Cold Dark Matter:

An Exploded View
Cornelia Parker and Tilda Swinton
The Maybe 1995
Perspex box with various unique objects
21 x 21 x 7 cm
Edition of 50 (each box is different)
Queen Victoria’s stockings

Mass (Colder Darker Matter) 1997

Charcoal retrieved from a church struck by lightning, Lytle, Texas, USA
366 x 320 x 320cm
Pornographic Drawing 1996
Ferric oxide on paper
560 x 560 mm
on paper, unique, Tate
Breathless, 2001, Victoria and Albert Museum
Christine Borland
(b Darvel, Ayrshire, 3 May 1965)

Phantom Twins 1997

The Dead Teach the Living 1997
'English Family China' 1998
Ceramic, glass and wood
Tracey (Karima) Emin
(b London, 3 July 1963)

Homage to Edward
Munch and All My
Dead Children, 1998
My Bed

Everyone I Have Ever Slept with 1963–95,

Sarah Lucas
(b London, 23 Oct 1962)
Bitch, 1994
table, melons, T-shirt,
smoked fish, 80 x 100
x 50 cm
The Fag Show
(London, Sadie Coles,

Human Toilet Revisited 1998

Beyond the Pleasure Principle 2000