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Team Members

Amod Bandekar Harshali Panchal

Shardul Thakker Mansingh Patil

Nikhil Gamare Sagar Sawant

Glimpses Into Census of India

India Country with one of the Largest population in the World with approximately 1.27 Billion People Living in
the Country

Census Phases:-

Population Enumeration

Census Organization has always experimented with new Innovations in the field of Information Technology

Impact of MIS on Census of India
Technology is necessity in Census because of the Large Volume of Data which requires Data Capturing and Processing

Use of MIS in the Population has considerably reduced the time span of Census from 5-8 years to 3-4 years

MIS has enabled us to make the Census Compact , Efficient Reliable and one of the best Archival Systems

Use of Technologies like OCR/OMR and ICR has made the processes much more faster for the Enumerators

Availability of System Integrators to help and Guide in the implementation of ICR Technology

CAC :- Computer Assisted Coding used for Recognition of Handwriting

Role of System Integrator in Census
Responsible for Maintaining Data Security, Safety and Confidentiality

Supply, Installation and Maintenance of SCANNERS,Form Processing Software

Management of LAN and load balancing

Impart operational training to the staff at each location

Providing one Software Personnel at each site

Providing scanner operators and carry out Scanning operations

Census Data Processing Steps
Prepare Batch
Tiling & Completion stations
Exception stations
Tile/Correction station - Un-recognised
Characters are corrected by OPERATORS
Supervisors Handle
Exceptional cases referred
by Operators
Supervisor Export completed batches
as ASCII file for further processing
Supervisor Monitor the workflow & Balance
the load at different stages of operation
stored in
Export Station
Controller Station
Scanning Station
Recognition Station
Census Data Centers

customization made for scanning of Batch Images

Batch Size Optimized for Network movement of images and data

Customization of workflow management to reduce the workload on Manual
Identification station

Creation of custom database files for recognizing Enumerators writing

eFlow Process Customization
Results of Software Customization
First time 100% data captured, processed and released within five year of Census

Auto Recognition Rate of upto 90% & false positive < 2%

Manual Coding Replaced by Computer Assisted Coding

Assimilation of IT skills internally in the organization due to frequent use and guidance by System Integrator

Steps Involved in the eFlow Process
ICR Used for Handwriting Recognition from a Written Sentence or a Printed Sentence into the Computer System
to make the use of it and produce the same in the Soft Copy Format for future use

Heres How ICR Works :-

Scanning:- Paper based forms are scanned to create bitmap image file of the scans

File Portal::- It is an Image File Registration module in eflow as an input to next activity

Form Identification:- Automatically identifies the Images of various schedules based on the Empty
Form Image (EFI) template created during the designing stage

Manual Identification: Unidentified forms due to bad images are matched
by the operator manually on computer with the help of EFIs .

Processing: This module is heart and brain of the ICR technology. It
automatically recognize the data (numerals/alpha) from the images with
the help of various engines (CGK, AEG,KADMOS,TISICR etc)

Tile: This module displays the images of similar digit at one place to
identify any wrongly recognized character by system for correction and
thus, enhances the accuracy and quality of data.
ICR Working (Continued)
Completion:- Unrecognized or wrongly marked recognized characters in
the Tiling will be presented for correction using images displayed

Exception:- If any character image is not understood by operator at
completion station (module), that will be corrected in Exception station
by an officer competent to make decision.

Export:- System exports the data generated in above steps to server for
further processing like editing/aggregation/tabulation etc.

ICR Working (Continued)
CAC Software Used for Education Details
CAC Used for Recognition of Mother Tongue
Problems Faced from this Info.System
Difficulty in Handling Bad Images during the Scanning Process

Bad Images due to Poor Paper Quality during printing

Language Recognition Issues for the Software

Failure of 1 Image Scanning Restarts the Whole Batch Process

Not able to use color drop-out at scanning stage

No Concurrency Check at Each stage of eFlow Process