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English for Third Junior High School

Mengungkapkan makna dalam teks tulis fungsional pendek dan essai sederhana berbentuk descriptive dalam
konteks kehidupan sehari-hari

Mengungkapkan makna dan langkah retorika dalam essai pendek sederhana dengan menggunakan ragam
bahasa tulis secara akurat, lancar dan berterima untuk berinteraksi dengan lingkungan sekitar dalam teks
berbentuk descriptive

Menggunakan tata bahasa, kosa kata, tanda baca, ejaan, dan tata tulis dengan akurat
Melengkapi paragraf rumpang teks essai pendek, menyusun kalimat menjadi teks yang bermakna, dan
menulis teks essai dalam bentuk descriptive
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Pre Activity
Look at that picture ! Do you know what is that?
Tell me more about it?

7/14/2014 3
Description about this animal
black round eyes
thick fur
eat bones
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Whilst Activity
Bens Dog
Ben has a dog. Its name is Brownie. It is brown.
Brownie has black round eyes and small ears. It is got thick
fur especially around its tail. This dog does not like bones
or meat . Everyday, it eats rice and fried fish.
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Descriptive Text is a kind of text with a purpose to give information. The context of this kind
of text is the description of particular thing, animal, person, or others, for instance: our pets or
a person we know well.
It differs from Report which describes things, animals, persons, or others in general.
The Social Function of Descriptive Text is to describe a particular person, place, or thing.
(Linda Gerot, Peter Wignell, 'Making Sense of Functional Grammar',1994)
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The Generic Structure of Descriptive Text consists of Identification and Description.
Identifies phenomenon to be described.
Describes parts, qualities, characteristics, etc.
(Jenny Hammond 'English for Special Purposes', 1992)
Descriptive often uses 'be' and 'have'. Tense which is often used is Simple Present Tense.
However, some times it uses Past tense if the thing to be described doesn't exist anymore.

Significant Grammatical Features:
Focus on specific participants
(My English teacher, Andini's cat, My favorite place)
Use of Simple Present Tense
Use of Simple Past Tense if Extinct.
(Jenny Hammond 'English for Special Purposes', 1992)

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Make groups at least 5 students, then Make descriptive text
for each group! Based on this four square method

What are they? Where are they?
How do they operate? Volcanoes are a
powerful, natural force
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Post Activity
Is there any difficulty in understanding descriptive text ?
Have you understand about the descriptive text ?
Make a descriptive text individually for your home work !

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