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StationPlayList Creator

and Studio Overview

Mohd. Abdul Hannan Chowdhury

What StationPlaylist Creator and
Studio can do?
 StationPlaylist Creator + Studio integrate to provide
a very affordable and powerful radio broadcasting
software solution for
 terrestrial radio and
 internet streaming / webcasting.
 Also suitable for
 party DJ's and
 in-store music automation.
 StationPlaylist software provides many time saving
 From full live assistance for announcers / DJ's, to
complete unattended radio automation,
StationPlaylist will do the job reliably.
Who are the clients?

 StationPlaylist radio automation software is

being used by over 2000 commercial and
non-commercial AM & FM radio stations
worldwide, plus internet streaming stations,
clubs, restaurants, malls, and other stores.
StationPlaylist Studio
 Studio is a simple to use on-air broadcast
automation playout software for the studio and/or
 Plays all your media files with manual or intelligent
automatic crossfading. Play jingles, commercials,
news, songs. live streams, live inputs from your
sound card, satellite feeds etc.
 Includes an internet stream encoder, voice track /
song ramp overlapping, mic button with music fade,
many automation and live assist features such as 96
cart slots for instant jingles, and much more...
StationPlaylist Studio
StationPlaylist Creator
 Studio requires a track scheduler, eg. Creator, to supply
playlists for automation purposes.
 Creator is a simple to use, yet powerful spot and music
 Gain complete control over your station format using
rotations of music categories and spot groups (jingles,
advertisements, etc).
 Generate sophisticated daily or weekly playlists in
seconds. Includes a simple scheduler utility for budget
automation with free audio players. Also includes a Playlist
Editor, Voice Tracking / recording, and much more...
StationPlaylist Creator
Steps to be followed for creating
 Categorize the audio files and create database using
 Folders
 Subfolders and
 Files.
 Create Audio “Categories” and “Spot Groups” using SPL
 Create “Rotations” for each hour by adding “Categories” and
“Spot Groups” one by one using SPL Creator.
 Make “Schedules” for each day (24 hours) by adding hourly
“Rotations” one by one using SPL Creator.
 Create the Playlist using SPL Creator.
 Import the Playlist into the SPL Studio for live broadcasting.
 There are several tools for playing & recording audio, editing
playlist, editing file tags, etc.
Where do you get help?

 Full help documentation is included with

each package.