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Centrifugal Fans Or Centrifugal

Introduction to Centrifugal Blowers
Air-Filt presents
A centrifugal fan can be described as a
mechanical device that helps in moving the
air or other gasses. the fan usually looks like a
hamster thus the words blower and squirrel
cage fan are used to relate to it. they increase
the air speed with the help of rotating
impellers.They use the kinetic energy of the
impellers or rotating blade to increase the
pressure of the air/gas stream which in turn
moves them against the resistance caused by
ducts, dampers and the other components.

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Centrifugal Blower
We could state the main parts of a
typical centrifugal fan as:
1. Fan housing.
2. Impellers.
3. Inlet duct.
4. outlet duct.
5. Drive shaft.
6. Drive mechanism.
Some other componets may also be
needed for the construction of
centrifugal fans. they can be stated as:
bearing, impeller locking device, fan
discharge casing, shaft seal plates etc.
Design of a Centrifugal
Direct Drive:

In this arrangement the wheel of the fan is directly connected to
the shaft of the motor. This implies that the speed of the fan and
that of the motor become identical. the drawback of the method
is that in this the fan speed cannot be varied unless and until the
motor speed is adjustable.

2. Belt Drive:

In this method the motor shaft and the fan wheel shaft are
connected using a set of sheaves. A belt is connected that helps in
transferring the mechanical energy from the motor to the shaft.
Here the speed of the fan mainly depends on the ratio that the
motor wheel makes with the fan wheel.

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Different drive mechanism used in
centrifugal fans

One of the important parts of the fan system are its bearings. Steeve-ring oil bearings are very
commonly used in fans. Some of these type of bearings cam be water cooled. Steeve bearing that
are water cooled are used when hot gases are transferred through the fan.

Fan ribs:
The fan wheel consists of a central hub. On this hub all the blades are mounted. There are three
types of fan ribs:
1. Forward curved blades.
2. Backward curved blades.
3. Straight radial blades.
The above is the design and construction part of the centrifugal fan design.

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Other parts of a Centrifugal