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Importance of Continual

Training Programme for

Handling Cleaning

By-Vignesh S

Chemicals in House keeping

Chemicals are a vital part of the housekeeping department as without chemicals it is
impossible for any of us to clean. Chemicals are used everyday in the hotel. Chemicals
can be dangerous and at times life threatening if not used properly.
Housekeeping personnel, custodians, and other employees involved in cleaning are
often exposed to a variety of chemicals. Wearing correct personal protective
equipment, use of proper strength solutions, and good personal hygiene can minimize
the hazards.
Proper storage and usage also minimizes the risk when handling chemicals. For this a
continuous training is a must be implemented and regular checks need to be taken to
ensure safety.
Uses of chemicals
Common uses
Glass & dishes
Air freshener
Dry cleaning
Laundry Detergent

Identifying the chemical
First we need to identify/educate what chemicals are used for what purpose
and how harmful are they. Based on how harmful they are they can be further
classified as :

Physiochemicals-Explosive chemicals, Oxidizable chemicals and Flammable

Chemicals which affect our health-Toxic, Sensitive Irritant, harmful, sensitising
carcinogen and radioactive.

Storage and Usage
Next we need to how to store the chemicals.
All chemicals need to be labelled and should be stored chronologically.
Storage should be done in shelves where an absorbent cloth should be kept at the
bottom to minimize spillage and leakage of the chemicals.
The room should also have proper ventilation.
The procedure involved on how to use chemicals is a must.
This is the most important part of training.
If usage of chemicals is not thought properly it can lead to fatal accidents.
Proper equipment is required to handle chemicals.
Protective gear is a must
Disposal and Prevention
Chemicals can harm the environment and us if not disposed properly.
Training for disposal is also important because if not properly disposed it can be
Prevention of accidents is a must when handling chemicals .
Training should be done to prevent any accident.
Training should take place to make aware what happens when an accident
occurs and what needs to be done to ensure the safety of a person during an
Measures such as first aid kits ,fire extinguishers etc. all should be implemented.
Regular checks by supervisors during handling chemicals is a must.
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