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Group Profile
A K Group has the resources and capabilities to plan, design, construct and manage a range of civil,
mechanical and electrical engineering projects and their supporting infrastructures.
Each subsidiary and associate company brings to the Group, vast expertise and experience
critical to the success of any project it undertakes.
Our core values are:
Innovation in our concepts, services, products and delivery system to provide our clients with
viable solutions.
Responsible conduct towards our customers, employees, the community and environment in which we
operate constant improvement to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.
Taking the long view in our businesses and actions to ensure that we have a Sustainable future.
At AK Group, we strive for excellence in everything we do from delivering ground
breaking world class projects through our core business of engineering & construction and

AK Group hallmark traits of innovation, superior quality and outstanding value are results
of our emphasis on consistent operational excellence coupled with differentiation and value creation to
meet our customer needs.

While delivering the highest quality is a key in each and every AK Group projects we build
and develop in harmony with nature to provide a better environment, an environment that adds value to
life and enriches the experience of living.
The success, which we have achieved, so far by the grace of the Almighty, will
be an incentive for us to establish more projects to serve the country and our
valued customers. Our goal is to provide clients with services that will allow
them to be the best and deliver results that have a bottom-line impact.

Our business practices are based on respect, ethics and
responsibility. Steps are now being taken to establish new areas of business
including industrial projects in Dubai and abroad. With continued growth and
expansion, the A. K. Group companies will provide even greater opportunities
for its customers. And in an era of consolidation, we expect expansion and
revenue growth to take us well beyond where we are today. I am confident that
our future endeavors would also be successful with the support of our valued
customers and well wishers.

The Chairman of the A. K. Group of Companies, Mr. Ahmed Khan who is the Tribal Chief of Achakzai Tribe, which is spread all over
Pakistan and Afghanistan. Having graduated from Baluchistan University, he is an Agriculturist, Trader and Real-Estate Investor.

Currently residing in Arab Emirates, has earned an extensive knowledge of culture, lifestyles of numerous nationality from all over the
Has spent major part of professional career in handling multi million dollar projects, and have extensively achieved technical know how in
various fields.
A K Private Investment company
Location Area (Sq ft) ZONE DETAIL
DIP- Dubai Investment park 60000 Staff Accommodation-I 160 rooms, AED 11 million rent per annum
DIP- Dubai Investment park 15624 Commercial Ducting Factory producing 10,000 sq ft of duct per day
DIP- Dubai Investment park 54000 Commercial warehouses
DIP- Dubai Investment park 12110 Commercial Factory extension
DIC- Dubai Industrial City 465000 Steel Structural Steel Factory(200,000 sq ft covered shed & 265000 open)
DIC- Dubai Industrial City 150000 Mineral Ready Mix Factory
DIC- Dubai Industrial City 220000 Freehold
G+11(Res'dl & Com'cl)-High rise building on Emirates road, Besides
Dubai International Airport (only 5km away) 400 apartments &
40000 sqft, shopping Mall, opposite water front
Emirates Hill 26000 Villa Villa
DIC- Dubai Industrial City 198000 Mineral Block factory, kerb stone (Interlock)
DIC- Dubai Industrial City 401000 Steel
Alumunium Extrusion Plant (includes 200,000 sq ft covered shed for glass
DIC- Dubai Industrial City 396000 Transport cars & Parts Manufacturing, Luxury Yard
DLC- Dubai Logistics City 83710 Logistic City Savanna Office
DLC- Dubai Logistics City 135000 Logistic City Logistic Company
JAFZA 25000 Free zone Steel Factory
Marmoka City Ajman 125000 Commercial Ajman
19 story high rise building with 130 apartments, Emirates Road, Ajman.
Marmooka City.
Al Hayer 640000 Agriculture Organic farm


A K Group comprises the following subsidiary companies with their profiles and Services:

Savanna communication International
Satellite telecommunication Provider
Thuraya/Iridium/Inmarsat/ Vsat Services

Pride Construction co L.L.C.
Civil Construction
Steel Construction & contracting
Fire Fighting & safety Equipment installation

Prime Profiles Structural Steel Manufacturing L.L.C.
Manufacturing of Rectangular Ductwork for (HVAC) industry
Structural Steel erection work
Structural Steel Construction Work
Manufacturing of Aluminum Door &Windows
Curtain Wall, composite panel & cladding work
Ware house & labour Accommodation Renting


Pride Star Electrical Engineer L.L.C.
Electro-Mechanical Equipment installation
Monitoring Control system installation and repairing
Plumbing & sanitary contracting
Electrical fitting contracting

Continental Profiles FZE
Metal False ceiling & Steel Profiles

To Guide customers through the fundamentals
To the most visible aspect of their businesses with continuous emphasis on meeting the needs of our
clients, without losing sight on value.
To contribute towards the growth of an increasingly discerning Market and industry, and achieving
customer satisfaction not only for outstanding workmanship, but also quality design, concepts
functionality and style.
*Emphasis on quality work as part of our corporate culture
*Quality awareness and practice at all levels
*Leadership by example and quality management
*Providing the best to achieve client satisfaction
*Strive to be the best-quality driven corporation in the industry
Quality Values
Lasting clients satisfaction with quality and service.
Committed and dedicated to continuous quality improvement.
Leading edge in participative management and teamwork.

Savanna International Telecommunication

SIT has made global communications more affordable than ever. Whether you're in the heart of the
city or in remote locations, SIT will provide you with high quality, affordable and reliable satellite
communications. You'll have the benefit of constant communications anywhere, anytime.
We are offering a full solution portfolio: airtime, hardware, software-solutions, consultancy
and project-management. In addition to these services we are able of providing hardware solutions for
terrestrial and cellular networks as well. with more then 45 outlets, SIT is having an extensive dealers
network in the Middle-East, Europe, North & Central Africa and CIS. We are presently expanding our
business in Southern Africa, the Indian Sub-continent and Far Eastern regions.Our team is committed
to deliver excellence in service.
We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide answers to any questions you
might have about the Satellite Solution system, service or products.
Thuraya, Imarsat, Internet, Iradium, Radio, Vsat, Fleet Management, Rental services are services
provided by SIT


Pride Construction co L.L.C.

Pride Construction is one of the leading construction company in United Arab Emirates with very
wide experience in civil engineering and steel structure, our vision is to differentiate ourselves so
significantly that we change the industry .how? Our top priority is to deliver service, one relationship
at a time.
Whether youre building a hospital or a hotel, a school or a skyscraper or an office, you can depend on
Pride Construction that provides more teamwork, more personal attention, more of what you expect
(and deserve) from your construction partner.
we offer the full range of commercial construction services to support our clients in both the private
and public sector. From preconstruction to project closeout, we understand that flexibility is key to
meeting the needs of the many different markets we serve.
From healthcare to public assembly, education to corporate office - our clients need a
construction partner who understands the mission of their specific facility, and tailors services and
project management strategies to meet that mission. Putting clients relationships as our top priority,
that's the Pride way.


Projects - Pride Construction co L.L.C.

Villas at Emirates Hills
Staff Accommodation at DIP (Phase I)
Staff Accommodation at DIP (Phase II)
Ware houses at DIP
Industrial development
Structural Steel Factory

Prime Profiles Structural Steel Manufacturing L.L.C.

Prime Profiles structural steel Manufacturing is a part of A.K.GROUP. With head office at Dubai Investment
Park, Dubai United Arab Emirates, and our Group is committed to enhancing the customers success
worldwide with products, services and responsiveness that set industry standard for the innovation, quality
and value.
Prime Profiles structural steel Manufacturing is managed and run by knowledgeable, competent people who
Have been in the trade for years, and we proudly share with our clients, our fabrication and detailing facilities
are equipped with the state-of the art equipment required for the fabrication of any customer order including:
.Limitless Availability of skilled professional
.6000 m2 of fabrication Space.

.Fully Automated Ductwork Fabrication facility and latest-
Machines for the Structural steel manufacturing.
.Fully Automated CNC Machine for the Aluminum Doors & Window etc.

Prime Profiles structural steel Manufacturing goal is to maintain a high standard of craftsmanship and stay in
step with the newest technologies that enable us to provide our customers with optimum solution for cost and
level of commitment which allows us to do the best job possible, and we are recognized as a proven quality
manufacturer of above mention items, which provide total customer service before and after delivery.
We appreciate if you could indicate any of your requirements in order to determine whether we can be At your
service & assuring you of our best quality at all times.

Projects - Prime Profiles Structural Steel Manufacturing L.L.C
(HVAC Duct Division)

Jumeirah Village (South)
Palm Deira
Villa at Emirates Hills
G+2 Labour complex at Dubai Investment park (Part I)
G+2 Labour complex at Dubai Investment park (Part II)

(Alluminium Division)
Villa at Emirates Hills
G+2 Labour complex at Dubai Investment park (Part I)
G+2 Labour complex at Dubai Investment park (Part II)

Pride Star Electrical Engineer L.L.C.

Electro-Mechanical Equipment installation
Monitoring Control system installation and repairing
Plumbing & sanitary contracting
Electrical fitting contracting

Continental Profiles FZE

Metal False ceiling & Steel Profiles

AK Group Divisions

Aluminium Division (Doors/ Windows/ Curtain walls)

Duct Plant Division (Air conditioning duct)

Steel Division ( Structure/ fabrication/ building)

MEP & Fire Fighting Division (Mechanical/ electrical/
Plumbing/ Fire fighting)
Aluminium/ Glass Division Album (Doors/ Windows/ Curtain walls)
Duct Plant Division Album (Air conditioning duct)
Steel Division
PO Box :36209
Dubai, UAE
Ph: 009714 8854188
Fax:009714 8854880
A K GROUP Contacts