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Sales & Business Development

By Nikhil Arora
Relationship Manager- Trade Finance
Nimai Management Consultants

Why did you loose a particular customer, when your
product had almost everything he/she was looking
Why a competitor with the same product is able to
make more sales than you?
Is competitors product really superior than yours?
Why are our customers finding it difficult to relate to
your product ?
Develop confidence in selling
Build customer relationship and trust
Helps in positioning your product i.e more customer
Make a better sales presentation
Overcome objections successfully
Improves service levels

Ok! I know my
product then what ?
If you dont know who your customers are, how can you reach them ??????
Employer leads
Existing clients 80:20
Online Portals eg. zawya
Telephone Directories
Trade and Professional Directories
Commercial Lists
Cold calling
Free zones

Source the leads
Who are your clients ?
Minimum turnover eg 100mn AED
Deals in import export
Needs credit period
Wants to reduce cost of funds

Where are your clients?
Identify the sectors & demographics
Sector: Agriculture & Commodities
Personal specific: Finance Head, CFO
Location wise: JLT, Free Trade zones

10:1 at each level
A lead is a potential client but a prospect is a qualified lead who can be served under
your service umbrella

Ok! I have gathered
leads how will I sell
them ?
Purpose : Introduction and seek an appointment
Revolving around the client profile
Name few similar clients
Refer the benefits of our services

With reference to the mail, colleague etc.
Pitch: Cost saving and increasing revenue

Follow ups
Keep following up until the manager gives an appointment or
date to call back

Fixing appointments
If nothing works out just drop to his office and take an appointment

Why would he buy
my idea?
Prepare before you meet
What business the client is into ?
Who are their competitors and markets?
Have we served a similar client earlier ?
What were their requirements, did we serve them well ?
What to expect?
Do we qualify as service providers to the client ?

Make sure that the client and us, both understand each others business before
meeting. This will help in deciding the direction of the meeting.

Break the ice
Take a note of the conversation
Introduce NIMAI and its services
Identify PAIN-PLEASURE areas of the customer
Understand the business structure, markets, financials & trade flows
Carry a Sales presentation, if need be present it to the client. It gives
further direction to the meeting
Client meeting
Understand the financial needs of the clients
Present a probable solution to the client
We can discount the LCs for your suppliers in Nigeria and you can save
We can reduce your borrowing costs by restructuring your loan
Refer success rate with existing clients
Be factful but do not commit

Take another appointment to present a proposed solution to his PAIN

Client meeting

Before working for the client engage the client via formal
This will clarify the terms & conditions thus avoiding any
Builds confidence and trust
Increases the clients involvement
Answers what, when, how
Client is now prioritized.

Always be closing !!
Educate the client
upon the process,
cost and timeframe
for financial

Service delivery