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Organic Architecture

DATE : 8

Introduction :
"Organic Architecture" was invented by
Frank Lloyd Wright in 1908.

Promotes harmony between man-made
structure and the nature

It is achieved by integrating the buildings
and surroundings.

Main objective is to cause no harm to the
nature through our design

Organic architecture not only addresses
environmental concerns but also expresses

Every structure is unique & unrepeatable.
Organic Architecture
Vernacular architecture was innately organic

Vernacular architecture is based on natural form
structures and simple local materials.

Earlier rectilinear, perpendicular form of
structure was constructed.

Organic architecture began its great modern
journey in U.S.A

Inspired by the proverb Form follows function
- Architect Louis Sullivan

Outward appearances resemble inner purposes"

Organic Architecture
Origin :
A respect for natural materials

Structure should blend into the surroundings

Function of the building

Inspiration of Organic Architecture is obtained
1. Natures form 2. Geometry 3. Environment

Organic Architecture
Main Features:
Organic Architecture
Inspired From Nature
Findlay's spiral
House was
inspired from
Leaf of a fern.
The Nautilus
in Mexico was
inspired from
Domed roof of
the Palazzetto
dello was
inspired from
Spiders web
Ennis house of
U.S.A was
inspired from
the Greek
Interiors of
Solomon R
was inspired
from Spiral
Inspired From Geometry
Parabolic Arch
of Casa Mila
was inspired
from Curves
Organic Architecture
Inspired By Environment :
Organic architecture is the blending of structure
with environment
Environment includes land, water, wind, light,
material etc
Depending on architects interest blending of
structure can be done with following :
Interplay of areas brightness
& shadow makes use of light as
architectural feature.
Water body:
Famous Architect & their works:
Frank Lloyd Wright:
Frank Lloyd Wright was born in June 8,
Was an American architect, draftsmen,
interior designer, writer and educator,
He designed more than 1,000 structures
and completed 500 works.
Wright believed in designing structures
which were in harmony with humanity and
its environment
He was a popular lecturer in U.S & Europe
He died in Arizona at the age of 92
Never retired from his profession
Famous Architect & their works:
Falling water - Frank Lloyd Wright
Falling water is also knows as Kaufmann
Is a house designed by architect Frank
Lloyd Wright in 1935 Pennsylvania,
This residence was built partly over a
Earlier , It was used as weekly home but
later on it was opened to the public as a
Design principle :
The design of Falling water should come from
the site like flower growing from the ground.
The quality and nature of materials are seen
flowing or growing.

Famous Architect & their works:
Falling water - Frank Lloyd Wright
Design Construction :
It is a three storied cantilevered house
Terrace seems to float in the air above the stream
Made use of combination of materials such as
wood, glass & reinforced concrete
Vertical anchor made up of stone rises more than
3 stories
Vertical anchor consists of windows starting from
floor to ceiling
The windows are glass framed with steel.
Horizontals of the cantilevers are made of
reinforced concrete which are embedded in rocks
The main level is connected to the stream via the

Famous Architect & their works:
Bruce Goff:
Bruce Goff was born in June 8, 1904
He was an American architect known for
his organic houses and other buildings
Goff's accumulated design portfolio of 500
A number of Goff's original designs are on
display at the Modern Wing at the Art
Institute Of Chicago
Goff accepted a teaching position with the
School of Architecture in 1942
He died in August 4, 1982,
Famous Architect & their works:
Bavingers House- Bruce Goff
The Bavingers House was completed in 1955
in U.S.A
It was designed by architect Bruce Goff
This house was awarded the 25 year award from
the American Institute of Architects in 1987

Requirements of Bruce Goff
Bruce did not want typical box like house
Wanted open and flexible structure
Wanted separate room for tropical plants and
Wanted separate room for his 2 sons
Wanted a house that embodied art itself
Famous Architect & their works:
Main features:
3 storied structure
Made from 200 tons of local "iron rock"
Did not have any wall except for rock wall
There are a series of platforms at different heights
Consists of curtains
The ground floor is covered with pools and
planted areas.
Bavingers House- Bruce Goff
Design Concept :
He was inspired by Spiral DNA
He designed a house which was in
the form of spiral DNA helix
Famous Architect & their works:
Bavingers House- Bruce Goff
Main features:

Instead of beds, they used UFO-like, carpet-
covered pods suspended from the same cables
that held the roof

Consists of pond meant for tropical fishes

The seating of the living room was a built-in
carpet covered pod.

The built in dining table is made of wood

Consists of out door Patio
"Organic Architecture" brings
nature and structure together.

Importance is given to both
structure as well as nature.

It helps in reducing the
disturbance caused to the

Every structure is unique &
Organic Architecture