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Data Warehousing-Informatica Training in

Data Warehousing-Informatica

Our Informatica Training in Bangalore aims to teach the complete Data

Warehousing Concepts in a easier way. We are the Best Informatica
Training Institute in Bangalore in-terms of syllabus and expert
teaching. We are coering almost all the transformations which is
re!uired for companies in Informatica.

In computing" a data warehouse or enterprise data warehouse #DW"

DW$" or %DW& is a database used for reporting and data analysis. It is
a central repository of data which is created by integrating data from
one or more disparate sources. Data warehouses store current as well
as historical data and are used for creating trending reports for senior
management reporting such as annual and !uarterly comparisons.

The data stored in the warehouse are uploaded from the operational
systems #such as mar'eting" sales etc.&. The data may pass through
an operational data store for additional operations before they are
used in the DW for reporting. Informatica is a commonly using data
warehousing tool.
Data Warehousing-Informatica

Course overview:Informatica is a widely

used %T( tool that is used to extract the
source data and load the data into the target
after applying the necessary transformation.
The e)ciency of Informatica in the
contemporary era has made it ineitable for

Informatica helps organi*ation to attain a

competitie adantage while empowering
them with releant data for an enhanced
performance of the organi*ation.
Data Warehousing-Informatica

Informatica Training Course:-


+se Informatica Designer to build mappings that moe data

from sources to targets

Design mappings and wor',ows based on business needs

-erform basic troubleshooting mappings and transformations

+se authori*ed Informatica .upport options to resole

!uestions and problems about Informatica.

Who should attend?

Deelopers who wish to go into Data warehousing /ield.

Beginners who hae ta'en a course on .0( and wish to moe

into Data warehousing.
Data Warehousing-Informatica

re-!e"uisite:1raduate2/resher2.oftware Deeloper2Wor'ing
-rofessional with Basic .0(

Certi#cation:Candidates receie I1ee'. Course Completion Certi3cate

upon successful completion of course.

$ow to !egister for the Data Warehousing-Informatica

Course:Call Course Coordinator 454-67859868" :obile ;
%n!uire Online @ust by .ubmit Aour Details with 0ueries" Our .upport
Team will 1ie a Call and Tal' to you regarding Data Warehousing-
Informatica Training -rogram.
&end 'mail totraining(igee)stechnologies*com
Data Warehousing-Informatica

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Data Warehousing-Informatica