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Is a realistic assessment of the firms internal

resources and capabilities.

Provides means to identify
- the strengths to build on and
- the weaknesses to overcome
while formulating strategies.

Helpful for the internal working of an

To deliver a fully collaborative
business environment in which
suppliers can deliver exactly what
the company needs, when it needs,
and at a competitive cost.

To create Indias largest automobile
and automobile-related products
distribution network by providing
dealers and customers with the
largest choice of unique world-class
products and services
One of the strongest brands in Indian automobile market
Provides employment to over 110,000 employees
Excellent branding and advertising
Low after-sales service cost
Sturdy SUVs for Indian roads and off-road terrains

High dependence of the Automobile Industry on the rural
sector, which in turn, is dependent on monsoons. (Bad
monsoon has an adverse impact on the demand for tractors)
Partnership with Renault (Failure to live up to the
International Quality Standards through their brand Logan)

To develop hybrid and fuel-efficient cars for the future
To tap emerging markets across the world and build a global
Market growth with Electric car and entry into two-wheeler

Ever increasing fuel prices
Intense competition from global automobile brands
Unrelated diversifications in telecom, holiday & resort inns
could divert the companys attention from its core business
Substitute modes of public transport like buses, metro trains

Business processes:
Strategy formulation for superior performance, quality products
and world class management

Business Ethics :
Maintaining highest standards of integrity, impartiality, equity
and objectivity

Corporate Ethics :
Compliance with all laws, rules & regulations
Be honest and true
Use company assets wisely
Use Information Technology appropriately
Negotiate fairly

Keep outside interests from conflicting with your job

Keep confidential information

Generally avoid gifts

Personal appearance of employees

Drug and alcohol policy

Respect Individual dignity
Supports a culture of collaboration and meritocracy.

Belief that people give their best at work when there is
work/life balance.

Hires the right kind of people from multi-cultural and
diverse backgrounds
Aims to attract diverse work force on the basis of
gender & ethnicity

Sources of Recruitment:
SAHYOG - Employee Referral Scheme

Campus recruitments

Management Trainee Program - Eklavya

Internships :
Internships for Engineering and Management
students for a period of 8-12 weeks from April to July
(Summer Interns) and December to March (Winter

Consultants :
For managerial level hiring, the company may
collaborate with recruitment consultants.

The leader in Indian automobile industry, creating customer
delight and shareholders wealth, and eventually become
a pride of India.

To create exceptional automotive value for our customers by
harmoniously blending safety, quality & efficiency.
Huge and well spread distribution network and effective after-sales
Ability to design products with distinct features
Well established brand image
55% market share in India
Technological advancement from Japan through Suzuki

Negative attitude of employees towards Maruti
High import duties & tariffs to be paid on exports from Japan
Limited financial capacity compared to foreign entrants.
Frequent strikes due to HR problem & stoppage of production
Long waiting time to get delivery of new cars, especially newly launched
car models.

First company to roll out suitably designed cars before
2008 as per Governments proposal of new ethanol
(renewable) mixed fuel
Market open, as other companies lack economies of scale
Increased purchasing power of Indian middle class

Competition from second hand cars and TATA Nano
New technology-driven players & manufacturers in the
Threats from Chinese manufacturers

Follows an equal opportunity work culture

Encourages oneness (Senior Managers & their teams sit
together in an open, wall-free environment)

Mix of generations and nationalities

Strives to provide a secure and fearless working
environment to its employees
Emerging to be one of the strongest brands in the
automobile segment
Manufacture of sturdy and state of the art SUVs
Excellent branding & advertising

Maruti Suzuki
Well established brand image
Merger with Suzuki, one of the major reasons for
brand recognition.
Limited in terms of SUVs
Negative attitude due to its middle class car label