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Hyper-V and OpenStack

Alessandro Pilotti
CEO Cloudbase Solutions

Peter Pouliot
Sr SDET OpenStack

OpenStack Essex Summit
Organize a development community to support and
maintain the OpenStack/Hyper-V codebase
Re-Integrate Hyper-V codebase for Folsom Release
Make Hyper-V server the premier hypervisor for
OpenStack compute workloads
Folsom Success story
Established a community
5+ active members contributing
Hyper-V restored in Folsom
All code Integrated and maintained within the active
Nova-Compute codebase on Github
Original Functionality restored and greatly improved
Hyper-V v3 Server 2012 released and ready for
OpenStack compute
Microsofts Hyper-V Server 2012
Ready for you to try with OpenStack
Hyper-V 2012 availability
FREE edition
Full Hypervisor
Minimum OS support
Minimum impact on security updates, etc
Windows Server 2012
Just enable the related role
Windows 8
For workstation / testing / development usage
Key Code Contributions for
Alessandro Pilotti
Pause/Un-pause, Suspend/Resume,
Snapshot, Live Migration
Folsom integration, Hyper-V unit Testing Framework
Folsom Installer
Pedro Navarro Perez
Volume attach/Detach
Boot from volume
Jordan Rinke
Initial integration and Essex installer
Hyper-V 2012 and OpenStack
Python Application installed as an application/service
on the Hyper-V node.
OpenStack compute utilizes key features baked into
the Hyper-V Virtualization Platform
Does not require windows clustering services
Does not require shared storage

Hyper-V/Glance Integration
Native glance client support on Windows.
Upload images directly from the windows compute
VHDx support planned for Grizzly

Volume Attach/Detach
Windows iSCSI initiator service enabled and running
on hyper-v compute node.
Configuration can be scripted
Create, attach detach volumes using the OpenStack
Dashboard or Nova commands.
OS must be installed directly onto the created volume
for boot from volume instances

Live Migration Requirements
Each compute node must have Active Directory
Domain Membership
Nova-compute service must be running under an Active
Directory Domain account.
Shared nothing live migration can be enabled via
simple powershell commands or from the Hyper-V
management GUI.
Live Migration initiated via nova live-migration
MSI Installer

Independent Python environment to avoid conflicts with existing
Installs and registers all the required dependencies
Generates dynamically a nova.conf file based on the parameters
provided by the user
Creates a new Hyper-V external switch if required
Registers Nova Compute as a service and starts it
Enables the Microsoft iSCSI Initiator service (optional)
MSI Installer Continued..
Enables and configures Hyper-V Live Migration
(optional )
FreeRDP for Hyper-V console access
Installs a command prompt shortcut in the applications
menu for a ready made OpenStack prompt (optional)
Can be executed fully unattended and automated

Grizzly is Coming
Planning for Grizzly now!
RDP access to VM Consoles
Windows Guest Agent
SQL Server support

OpenStack Hyper-V Wiki
OpenStack Compute installer