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By: Arielle Braxton & Jordanne Nelson

Period 2-Honors Bio/Lab

Mrs. Sipula
November 14,2013

Analogy- City Hall
Head of the cell, contains DNA
In city hall decisions are made and it contains all of the
information about the city
Analogy- Power Plant
Burns glucose into energy
A power plant is used to make energy or power in an
Both create and store energy

Cell Membrane
Analogy- Police Station
Acts as a boundary, controls what enters and leaves the
Police officers control activities that go on inside the

Analogy- Restaurant
Source of protein for the cell
A restaurant in a city is where people go for food so
they can receive the protein they need.
Both provide protein for their environment
Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
Analogy- Factory
Ribosomes and are inserted here to be modified and
Workers of a factory make different materials for use
in and out of the city

Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
Analogy- Pharmaceutical Plant
Main function- the creation of membrane lipids,
calcium regulation, and the destruction of toxic
substances happen here
Pharmaceutical Plants create steroids and medicine
for the people of the city
Both help their environment remain healthy and
Golgi Body
Analogy- Post Office
Modifies, sorts and packages molecules from the ER
for storage or for transport out of the cell
A post office packages and ships mail and cargo
around or out of the city
Analogy- Community
Material outside the nucleus where the organelles are
A community contains city hall, the post office and all
other buildings

Analogy- Sanitary Truck
Break down substances that can no longer be used and
repair organelles
The garbage men of a city dispose of waste and
unwanted materials while recycle men reuse materials
that need to be repaired

Analogy- Highways/Roads
Allows substances to move around the cell
In a city, people get around by local roads and freeways
around their community
Both serve as a source of transportation
Stores water, salt protein and carbohydrates in a cell
A local supermarket has water and food for the city
Both act as storage facilities for their built
Analogy- Blueprint of the city
Responsible for the genetic code of the cell that tells
the organelles what to do
A blueprint is a design plan that documents all
information about a structure