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Can refer to the use of automated methods to process

commercial data. Typically, this uses relatively simple,

repetitive activities to process large volumes of similar
information. For example: stock updates applied to an
inventory, banking transactions applied to account and
customer master files, booking and ticketing transactions to
an airline's reservation system, billing for utility services.

Windows 7 (OS), MS Word, MS Excel
Is a collection of computer programs and related data
that provides the instructions for telling a computer
what to do it. Software refers to one or more computer
programs and data held in the storage of the computer.
Set of instructions that your hardware executes to carry
out a specific task for you.
Is any language from a class of computer
language, specification language for formal
description and design of electronics circuits,
and most commonly, digital logic. It can
describe the circuits operation, its design and
organization, and test to verify its operation by
Input Device Mouse, Keyboard, scanner
Output Device - Monitor, Fax LCD
Storage Device Hold information is a recording medium like Tape,
Disk, Flash drive
Refers to anything that has to do with the role
of people in the development or use of
computer software and hardware systems.
Software Developer, System Analyst
Speed - it operates the speed of electric flow which is
measured in billions and trillionth of a second. It is
faster than any other machine designed to do similar
Accuracy - High speed processing by computer is
accompanied by high accuracy results the electronic
circuitry of computer is such that, when the machine
are programmed correctly and when incoming data is
error free, the accuracy of the output is relatively

Automatic operation - An electronic computer can
carry out sequence of many data processing operations
without human interaction, the various operations are
executed by way of a stored computer program
Decision making capability - A computer can perform
certain decision instruction automatically
Compact storage - Electronic data processing system
have the ability to store large amounts of data in
compact and easily retrievable form
Discipline Imposes - to solve problem-with computer
you must, first understand the problem, second,
program the computer to give you right answers.
Understand a problem is one thing but understanding
it to the depth of detail and insight required to
program the computer is a completely different matter

Power failure, computer viruses and hackers are the
inherent problems of using computerized systems;
Once data been input into the system, automatically
the output are obtained hence the data being input
needs to be validated for accuracy and completeness,
we should not forget concept of GIGO (Garbage
In(Input) Garbage out ( Output) and
Accounting system not properly set up to meet the
requirement of the business due to badly programmed
or inappropriate software or hardware or personnel
problems can caused more havoc and
Danger of computer fraud if proper level of control
and security whether internal and external are not
properly been instituted.
A stored-program computer is one which
stores program instructions in electronic
memory. Often the definition is extended with
the requirement that the treatment of programs
and data in memory be interchangeable or