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0. The origin of this phrase is unknown.

One of the theories are: that most trucks in India are
manufactured by TATA. In India, when wishing
someone goodbye, one commonly says, "OK TATA!",
where TATA means goodbye. Since most trucks had
the TATA logo on them, truck owners often painted
the words ______ above it.
Another theory says that the term bears its roots in
the second world war where the trucks were run on
kerosene engines. Kerosene, being highly unstable in
nature, would cause the trucks to explode at the
slightest accident. Hence a warning would be painted
on the back saying ______,On Kerosene.
Which phrase?
1.This project required approximately 36 months
for completion and cost X Rs 1 billion. This was
developed by the product engineering division
of X in association with motorcycle designer
Glynn Kerr Tokyo R&D.
What project and id X?
2.Id trophy.
F1 World Championship
3.This companies' badge incorporates emblems
from fifth century. It was designed in 1910 by an
Italian draughtsman Romano Cattaneo who used
two heraldic devices traditionally associated with
Milan: on the right is the Biscione, the emblem of
the House of Visconti, rulers of Milan in the 14th
century; on the left is a red cross on a white field,
the emblem of Milan, which Cattaneo had seen
on the door of the Castello Sforzesco. In 1918,
after the company was purchased, the badge was
redesigned with the help of Giuseppe Merosi.
Which company?
4.What was Steve Jobss cars license plate
Doesnt have any number:P
5. A similar basic system was used during World
War II by Luftwaffe aircraft with the GM 1
system to maintain the power output of
aircraft engines when at high altitude where
the oxygen content is lower. Accordingly, it
was only used by specialized planes like high-
altitude reconnaissance aircraft, high-speed
bombers and high-altitude interceptors.
How do we know this system more popularly
which is also used in some cars these days?

6.What is this called?

7.This word comes from a French word meaning
carbide. The word means to combine
with carbon. In fuel chemistry, the term has
the more specific meaning of increasing the
carbon (and therefore energy) content of a
fuel by mixing it with a volatile hydrocarbon.
What's the good word?
8.Ever tighter European emission norms forced
X to end 2007 as its last model year in the EU.
So the , All new models exclusively featured
the AVL 'lean-burn' engine. The introduction
of a 5-speed gearbox meant that Y could 'fix'
one of the long-standing problem of Xs
Identify X ,Y and what was the long standing
X-Royal Enfield Y-Bullet

10.X is Japanese for "peregrine falcon", a bird
that often serves as a metaphor for speed due
to its vertical hunting dive, or stoop, speed of
180 to 202 miles per hour (290 to 325 km/h),
the fastest of any bird.
11.This photo represents
The mascot of which
And what is the mascot
Rolls Royce and Spirit of Exctasy
12. The civilian ______ were manufactured with
automotive gloss paint, adding passenger car
enhancements such as air conditioning, sound
insulation, upgraded upholstery, stereo systems,
wood trim, and convenience packages.
The civilian model began in part because of the
persistence of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who saw
an Army convoy while filming a movie.
12.Print ad of
13. The most glorious win of this company was
in the Le Mans race where drivers Jean-Pierre
Wimille and Pierre _______ stole the race
with the little they had.
Which car is named after him , just fitb ?
14.________ appeared in popular culture as
early as 1943, as U.S Army motorized cavalry
are pictured in Life magazine performing high
speed ________s.
There are basically 3 ways to do a _______ -
Clutch, power and bounce.
What am I talking about?

15.Logo of which car company?
Which company is popularly called its
sister company?
16. This technology was initially invented by
James Watt and Matthew Boulton in 1788 to
control steam engines.
The modern version of this technology was
invented in 1945 by the blind inventor and
mechanical engineer Ralph Teetor. His idea
was born out of the frustration of riding in a
car driven by his lawyer, who kept speeding up
and slowing down as he talked.
17.Id the carmaker and the car shown

18.Formally, for a race to be called a _____
_____, it should have a race distance of at
least 300 km,with the exception of the X -
which has a race of less than 300 km
since 1968.
Grand prix and x- monaco grand prix
Expln - Monaco is held on the streets of
monaco, very narrow and twisty circuit. So lap
times are slower there..thats why distance is
19.In 1926, three brothers, Adriano, Marcello
and Bruno , founded Societa Scientifica Radio
Brevetti ______ in Bologna to produce
vacuum tubes, condensers and other radio
components, becoming successful enough by
1935 to construct a new factory in the Borgo
Panigale area of the city.
How do we know this company more
popularly today?
20.Which is the most expensive car in India
currently, costing Rs.20 Crore?
21.In certain markets, the slogan You meet
the nicest people on a ________
X is an underbone motorcycle with a 49 cc
four-stroke engine in continuous manufacture
by ______ since its 1958 introduction.
With more than 60 million manufactured
worldwide, the X is the best-selling motor
vehicle in history.
FITB and what is X?

22.Detailed Diagram of what?

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