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Industry Introduction
Tourism in Egypt Economy
Arab Spring & Tourism Industry
Terrorism impact on tourism
About the Company
ECT Portfolio and Services
ECT Current Strategy
Vision & Mission
ECT Decision Making Process
Trend for the Company's

Improvement Action and new
Business Model
SWOT Analyses
ECT New Vision & Mission
ECT Motivation Techniques
ECT Planning process
ECT Strategy Formulation
ETC Strategy Adoption
ETC Organization Structure
ETC Leadership Implementation
ETC Risk Management Process
ETC Controlling and Quality
Improvement Process
The Business Model Canvas

Share to GDP
Tourism sector is growing better than the economy as a whole.
In 2010, the last year before Egypts revolution, record 14m tourists arrived.
The industry was 13% of GDP
Generating jobs
Tourism as a labor intensive industry creates jobs in almost 70 related sectors.
Directly or indirectly employed one in seven workers. Which is representing
14% of new jobs.
Source for foreign currency
Tourism in Egypt has long been a driving engine of growth and one of the
largest sources of foreign currencies.
Its share represent 19.3% of total income of foreign currencies.
The economist has made a study on the Egyptian tourism sector on May 4th 2013

Arrivals plummeted to 9.5m in 2011, and have yet to recover (see chart).
Tourism Economics, a consultancy, predicts that 11.4m tourists will come in
2013 however the final-year data from the Central Agency for Public
Mobilization and Statistics released in February 2014 Showed that a total of
9,464,349 tourists visited Egypt in 2013, representing a decrease of 17.9%
year-on year and essentially returning the industry to its 2011 lows

Actual Visitors (m) 5.2 4.1 5 8 8.7 12.2 14 9.5 11.5 9.46
Forecasted visitors 5.2 4.1 5 8 8.7 12.2 14 9.5 11.5 11.4
Year 2000 01 02 04 06 08 10 11 12 13
2000 01 02 04 06 08 10 11 12 13
Visitors in Millions
Recently with the ongoing political unrest and disturbances following the
overthrow of ex-President Mohamed Morsi in July 2013 lot of terrorism operations
has been started.
In February 2014 suicide bomb attack on a tourist bus in Taba, in Sinai - which
killed three South Korean tourists and the Egyptian bus driver.
As an action from the government side Egypt Tourism Authority in association with
EGYPTAIR has launched a fully liveried taxi advertising campaign in Central London
with leading taxi advertiser London Taxi Advertising.
The campaign will run for one year to travel to Egypt to discover the desert, river
cruises, turquoise waters and first class getaway resorts.
Now and after having an elected president still the terrorism operations are
happening from time to time and accordingly the tourism industry will suffer more
and more.
EGYPT CAR TRAVEL ECT is an Egyptian owned and operated Travel Company
offering group tours for international markets.

ECT offers are all adhering to international standards of tourism operations and all
our services are insured.

The staff of ECT are excellently trained and customer service oriented by global
standards. As for transportation services , which includes cars, minibuses and
buses, it is all brand new with a strict maintenance program to preserve the
service quality.

ECT Limousine offer comprises the newest cars in all categories, professional
experienced and bilingual drivers, third party liability insurance policy, 24/7
availability and an excellent booking and trace system.

ECT offers day tours, half day tours, individual sites tours, Coptic Cairo, Islamic
Cairo, Artistic Cairo, Historic Cairo, and short trips within Egypt. Airport meet and
assist, Transfers, Ticketing, Sightseeing, Nile cruises, Excursions, Hotel reservations,
Conferences and Seminars, Incentive programs, Desert Safaris, Water sports,
Diving excursions.

ECT partners are the highly reputed hotels well chosen based upon the history,
location, singular features, level of service and innovative nature as well as tourism
service providers covering a wide range of customer choice and segmentations
such as Events, Wellness, Gourmet, Sports, Leisure and corporate.

ECT office staff are all experienced customer oriented bilingual team members
with a precise and personalized response to their individual representation

Vision is to increase number of tourists through the coming seasons and on the long
run to be the best travel agency in Egypt.

Mission is to ensure the best service to have a good reputation to attract more
tourists, offers Unrivalled Value, Unique Itineraries & More Inclusions.

As the tourism section is one of the most sections that can be affected by any
event world wide , no one can predict the effect of an event that happened in any
place and what is the consequences of this event , it is like The Butterfly Effect.

Working on such environment makes most of the actual decisions to be taken
using the Crisis Decision Making Process

By Definition , Crisis decision making: A crisis involves an unexpected problem
that can lead to disaster if not resolved quickly and appropriately .
ECT is usually following the 6 main rules for the Crisis Decision Making and
Crisis Management:
Figure out what is going on , Remember that speed matters
Remember that slow counts too , Respect the danger of the unfamiliar
Value the skeptic , Be ready to fight fire with fire

Before Jan 2011 , Company have an average number of PAXs per month 400 PAX.
Gross Profit From each PAX is around 600 USD.
Since Jan 2011 trend is massively declined to reach an average monthly value of 18
pax .
Below Graph Shows the Full trend for the Company's PAXs per month during the
last few years .

Experienced & Professional team (Owners,
managers & employees) who perform
very good services and know how to take
action in crises.
Reputation in the marketplace.

Encouraging the foreign investments.
Give incentives and tax break will attract
rich investors from around the world to
invest in Egypt.
Enhancing investments in infrastructure
projects that support tourism industry.
Hajj and Umrah Activities

Weaknesses Threats
Market Specialization Segment: Single
Market (Australian Market) , Many
Depending on the Winter Season.
Website is not efficient enough
Not attending all tourism seminars
related to Egypt

Large and increasing competition.
Political situation, Tourists can travel to
any other destinations rather than
travelling to Egypt.
End of season approaching.
After we got the whole data and information about the company we seek to do
improvement over the company performance so we do the following:

Identify and define the problem which the company face which mainly was (
Low and declining no. of tourist & Dependability upon the Australian tourist
only) .

Generate and evaluate alternative solutions and evaluate its cost, Benefits,
Timeliness , acceptability and Ethical soundness .

Make a decision through using a classical model to reach to optimizing
decision .

Implement the decision of improvement which we call Improvement
Actions .

Evaluate results .

ECT in order to cope and implement the new improvement they have to
update the company Vision & Mission

ECT New Vision:
The Best Dynamic Tourism Companies in Egypt For all Nationality.

ECT New Mission:
Be the Best Guide for any European and Australian Visitors to Egypt.
Be a Highly Trustworthy Commercial Site and be a Top Ranking Site in
Search Results.

ECT Motivation Action to Employees:

Give employee periodically training courses.
Annual trip:
Offers Best achievers annual trips .
Interesting work culture:
Offering employees feel of security and a team spirit culture .
Paying variable Incentives
Distribution an incentive amount of money for employees based on the
number of PAXs .

Recommended Payless Motivation to Employees

Personal growth trumps a bonus.
If you know the interest of your employee, Trap the chance to make him
fulfill it to the interest of the work
Status means more than money.
Sometimes motivating an employee is as simple as giving him authority.
Perks pave the way.
As buy two tickets for a concert they had all been talking about for
weeks and put them on the line for the two employees with the best
record for errorless order fulfillment.
Recognition is priceless.
As wall of frame
Personalize it.
You have to know what motivate each one of your employees .

Planning: The process of setting objectives and determining how to best
accomplish them
ECT Planning Process:
1. Define their objectives : Target 400 Tourists monthly from world wide.
2. Determine where we are : 30 Tourist Monthly.
3. Develop premises regarding future conditions : Develop an admin premises
and enlarge the supplier chain.
4. Analyze alternatives and make a plan : Plan done for one year projection.
5. Implement the plan and evaluate results : Results is evaluated on a monthly
plan and each month the plan revised till the end of the year.

BCG Matrix approach

The Mother company in Australia is CASH COW
As it has High market share and low market growth

ECT Egypt is Question mark
As it has Low market share & High growth rate

Preferred strategy to ECT is growth for promising
Market growth and restructuring or divestiture
for others through concentration strategy which is
grow within the same business area.

Tour Leaders
Senior Tour
ECT main assets are the people, accordingly the Leadership main focus is the

The company always do planes for motivation of employees to increase their
willingness and ability to perform job and plan their career.

The company depends mainly on Australian tourist from its mother company
accordingly ,they depend more on the passive plan in which the company insure
the tour guides a month before the tourist arrival and as such the company had
managers not leaders.

Based on the new strategy of company the will need the following:
Do the right things

The companys leader must empower employees through the following:
Trust Authority Responsibility Information
Known Unknown Risks
They are the list of risk pre-defined by the organizations and Contingency plan
prepared for them based on there impact on business and probability of
accordance ).
Flight Delay , Bad Weather blocking Flights
Political instability issues , Infectious and Diseases
Unknown Unknown Risk
Unknown Unknowns are factors that are missed by various reasons , when
identifying general uncertainties and uncertain events.
Unknown Unknowns are those where we are practically clueless about either
the risk or its impact or its timeliness.
Management Reserves are available for this kind of risks

Quality process are following three main Theories
Fitness For Use by Joseph M. Juran
Kaizen Approach for continues approach
Walter Shewhart and Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle
Periodic Trend Analyses

ETC Objective and standards matches the customer need according to Joseph M.
Juran and the theory of (Fitness for Use) , this means the customers
expectations are met or exceeded , According to this theory , we have to
differentiate between Grade and Quality definitions , Costumers within certain
defined and agreed grade , should receive the maximum level of quality that is
allowed in this grade

ETC improve their quality by using The Kaizen approach states that improve the
quality of the people first and then the quality of the service and customer
feedback .
ETC use the Run -chart To do trend analysis for their customers.
Walter Shewhart and Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle
ETC implement the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle on both customer satisfaction
measurement , and there internal processes.

Segment Diversification: Target other market rather than the Australian market and
start with the European Market.

Enhance their service in the Medical tourism and which is most likely now by all
tourism especially European.

Enhance the Hajj and Umra Services .

Enhance and improve their online WEBSITE which will cost less and have a huge
impact upon a new and diversified customers so the first things is to activate and
enhance their online web page and connect it to Face book & twitter and let someone
to be responsible upon the inquiries, replies and updates to build a trust and long
term relationship with the Customers.

Make a lot of offers that is customized to the nature & Culture of different tourists .
Cost Structure
Revenue Streams
Key Partners Key Activities
Key Resources
Value Proposition Customer Relationship
Customer Segments
Medical Tourism
Iteration #1
CAMPAC (Central Agency for mobilization and Public Center)
ETC Operation Manager Ms. Zeinab Wahdan