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Problem of the Day:

Find the missing angle measures

5-4: Polygons
Polygon # of sides Sum of angles

n-gon n (n-2)(180˚)
Triangle 3 (3-2)(180˚)=180˚
Quadrilateral 4 (4-2)(180˚)=360˚
Pentagon 5
Hexagon 6
Heptagon 7
Octagon 8
How do we find the sum of the
angle measures?
Find the sum of the angle
To find an angle measure in a
“regular” polygon: sum of angles
divided by number of sides
To find a missing angle when the
polygon is not regular:
sum of angles=(n-2)(180˚)
Types of Quadrilaterals
(fill in traits on back of notes)
Writing all names that apply