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Targets Social Media

By: Abraham Freedberg
JiaJia Jin
Joshua Kong
Melvin Korpue
Alejandro Votteler
Our Focus
Market Research
Fashion Ambassadors
Fashion Blog Recommendations
The Shakira Effect
Sustainability and Customer Service
Competitive Analysis (T.J. Maxx)

Our Focus
Improving womens clothing revenue by:
1. Providing recommendations for Targets existing fashion blog.
2. Selecting a team of fashion ambassadors.
3. Utilizing the team to propose and implement in-store social media
marketing strategies.
Market Research
2/3 of Americans using social networks have
never followed a brand.
Who checks branded social media pages?
Women: 48%
Men: 43%
The biggest growth of any age from 2011 to
2012 was 45-54 year olds.
Blogs are hot!!!
Companies that blog 15 or more times per
month garner 5x more traffic to their site

Blogs are 63% more likely to influence
purchase decisions than print based ads

55% of social media moms make purchases
because of a recommendation from a blog
Fashion Ambassadors
Look for fashion oriented, entrepreneurial,
and social media savvy individuals.
Select 10 fashionable Target locations

Responsibilities: .
Write out a proposal for a social media
Implement the strategy chosen (at the store

Example Proposals:

In-store fashion shows

Urban Outfitters Photo Booth

Macys Magic Fitting Room

Fashion Blog Recommendations
Target On the Dot Tumblr is inactive
Only 1 post since 2013
Last post had over 30 comments
Posts will include:
Consumer Forum
Create forums to engage consumers in
discussion of Target brand
Target Stash
Sign up with username
Save items that you like
RSS Feed
Automatic updates of blog postings
Via Social media outlets

The Shakira Effect
Currently post 3-4 celebrity photos/videos for every 50 tweets/postings
Average 193% increase relative to promotional postings
What this tells us
Consumers want these celebrity endorsed posts
Even if just a photo
Entertainers make consumers more inclined to interact via social media

Retweets Favorites Comments Shares Likes Comments
43 67 6 39 688 102
161 246 8 133 2541 178
% Increase 275% 267% 33% 241% 269% 74%
Current Prospects:
Heidi Klum, Bridgit Mendler, LaLa
Anthony, Sophia Bush,
Our Recommendation
Emma Roberts
Sustainability Customer Service

Better chance of success in
international markets.
Ambassadors in other
countries will have local
knowledge of fashion
Example: Target India
Helping guests find sizes, or

Encouraging social media
interaction with Target.

Communicating promotions.

Competitive Analysis (T.J. Maxx)
T.J. Maxx:
maxxinista- take selfie, hashtag maxxinista, and get entered
to win $1,000 shopping spree.

Integrated across all social media platforms
Select ordinary people as maxxinista of the month

Cross promote clothing with shoes, and accessories

Cost for Investment:
Only cost for our proposal is employee cost
Employee expense per one intern:
$17.50hour25hours/week40 weeks=$17,500
Gain for Investment:
Average spending per customer visit is about $65
Profit margin for apparel department is 40%
Additional customer visit our proposal attract, estimate 0.03 % with total
social media participants, 7,261 customer visit.

ROI: the proposal will start with 10 highest fashionable store for test
$65Additional customer visit=17,500+65Additional customer
Additional customer visit= 673per year
Return on Investment