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Be Zealous

and Repent
Testimonies for the
Church V1
Chapter 25
The danger of Gods
The Lord has shown me in vision some things
concerning the church in its present lukewarm
state, which I will relate to you. The church was
presented before me in vision. Said the angel to
the church: esus speaks to thee, !"e #ealous
and repent.$% This work, I saw, should be taken
hold of in earnest. There is something to repent
of. &orldly'mindedness, selfishness, and
covetousness have been eating out the
spirituality and life of (od$s people.)*T *+*.*,
The danger of Gods people
for a few years past has
been the love of the world.
Out of this have sprung the sins
of selfshness and
covetousness. The more they
get of this world, the more they
set their aections on it! and
still they reach out for more.
"aid the angel# $%t is easier for a
camel to go through a needle&s eye,
than for a rich man to enter into the
'ingdom of (od.) *et many who
profess to +elieve that we are having
the last note of warning to the world,
are striving with all their energies to
place themselves in a position where
it is easier for a camel to go through
a needle&s eye than for them to
enter the 'ingdom.,1T 1-1.2.
These earthly treasures are
blessings when rightly used.
Those who have them should
reali/e that they are lent them of
(od and should cheerfully spend
their means to advance 0is cause.
They will not lose their reward here.
They will+e 'indly regarded +y the
angels of (od and will also lay up a
treasure in heaven.,1T 1-1.2.
% saw that "atan watches
the peculiar, selfsh,
covetous temperament of
some who profess the truth,
and he will tempt them +y
throwing prosperity in their
path, oering them the
riches of earth.
The strong love of the world
overcomes, or swallows up,
the love of the truth. The
'ingdoms of the world are
oered them, and they
eagerly grasp their treasure
and thin' they are
wonderfully prospered.
"atan triumphs +ecause his plan
has succeeded. They have given
up the love of (od for the love of
the world.,1T 1-2.1.
% saw that those who are thus
prospered can thwart the design
of "atan if they will overcome
their selfsh covetousness +y
laying all their possessions upon
the altar of (od.
3nd when they see where
means are needed to
advance the cause of truth
and to help the widow, the
fatherless, and a4icted,
they should give cheerfully
and thus lay up treasure in
heaven.,1T 1-2.2.
0eed the counsel of the
True 5itness. 6uy gold
tried in the fre, that thou
mayest +e rich, white
raiment that thou mayest
+e clothed, and eyesalve
that thou mayest see.
7a'e some eort.
These precious
treasures will not
drop upon us
without some
e8ertion on our part.
5e must +uybe
zealous and
repent of our
lu'ewarm state. 5e
must +e awake to
see our wrongs, to
search for our sins,
and to zealously
repent of them.
,1T 1-2.2.
Rubbish at the door of
their heart
ehold! " stand at the
door! and kno#k$ if any
man hear %y voi#e! and
open the door! " will #ome
in to him! and will sup
with him! and he with
ehold! " stand at the
door! and kno#k$ if any
man hear %y voi#e! and
open the door! " will #ome
in to him! and will sup
with him! and he with
.) " saw that many have so
mu#h rubbish piled up at the
door of their heart that they
#annot get the door open.
"ome have di9culties +etween
themselves and their +rethren
to remove. Others have evil
tempers, selfsh covetousness,
to remove +efore they can open
the door.
Others have rolled the
world +efore the door of
their heart, which +ars the
door. 3ll this ru++ish must
+e ta'en away, and then
they can open the door
and welcome the "aviour
in.,1T 1-2.2.
Oh, how precious was this
promise, as it was shown to me
in vision: $% will come in to him,
and will sup with him, and he
with 7e.) Oh, the love, the
wondrous love of (od: 3fter all
our lu'ewarmness and sins 0e
says# $;eturn unto 7e, and % will
return unto thee, and will heal all
thy +ac'slidings.
This was repeated +y the
angel a num+er of times.
$Return unto %e! and "
will return unto thee!
and will heal all thy
ba#kslidings.),1T 1-2.2.
"ome, % saw, would gladly
return. Others will not let
this message to the
<aodicean church have its
weight upon them. They
will glide along, much after
the same manner as
+efore, and will +e spewed
out of the mouth of the
<ord. Those only who
zealously repent will
have favor with God.,1T
To him that
To him that
over#ometh will "
grant to sit with
%e in %y throne!
even as " also
over#ame! and am
set down with %y
&ather in 'is
5e can overcome. *es! fully, entirely.
=esus died to ma'e a way of escape
for us, that we might overcome every
evil temper, every sin, every
temptation, and sit down at last with
0im.,1T 1--.2.
%t is our privilege to have faith and
salvation. The power of (od has not
0is power, % saw, would +e >ust as
freely +estowed now as formerly.
%t is the church of (od that
have lost their faith to
claim, their energy to
wrestle, as did =aco+,
crying# $% will not let Thee
go, e8cept Thou +less me.)
?nduring faith has +een
dying away. %t must +e
revived in the hearts of
(od&s people.
There must be a
#laiming of the
blessing of God.
&aith! living faith!
always bears
upward to God and
glory( unbelief!
downward to
darkness and
death.,1T 1--.2.
% saw that the minds of some of
the church have not run in the
right channel. There have +een
some peculiar temperaments
that have had their notions +y
which to measure their +rethren.
3nd if any did not e8actly agree
with them, there was trou+le in
the camp at once. "ome have
strained at a gnat and swallowed
a camel.,1T 1--.-.
% saw that some are withering
spiritually. They have lived some
time watching to 'eep their
+rethren straight@watching for
every fault to ma'e trou+le with
them. 3nd while doing this, their
minds are not on (od, nor on
heaven, nor on the truth! +ut >ust
where "atan wants them@on
someone else.
% saw that all the religion a
few poor souls have consists
in watching the garments and
acts of others, and fnding
fault with them. )nless they
reform! there will be no
pla#e in heaven for them!
for they would *nd fault
with the +ord 'imself.,1T
,aid the angel$
"t is an
individual work
to be right with
God. The work
is between God
and our own
souls. ut when
persons have so
mu#h #are of
others faults!
they take no
#are of