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Questions about

music magazine
front covers

Identify the features/characteristics
they all have
There are many similarity's on the covers. Firstly, the models /
groups are all artists who will be relevant to the music genre of
the magazine, and their photos are placed so that they are in
front of the mast head. They are all also looking at the camera,
creating direct address with the audience.
The main cover lines are all of the artist/bands name, with
further information on them in a smaller font underneath. And
then other cover lines relate to articles on topics relevant to the
There is also use of rule of thirds, although none of the models
are in a hotspot. And have consistent colour schemes, using only
two or three colours across the whole cover.
Why are these features present on all
the magazines? Why are they
Firstly, those models will be chosen so that they appeal to the
target audience. The main image and cover lines will relate to
the articles inside and advertise the band, selling more of their
music and more of the magazines, creating synergy.
Having the models in front of the mast head then also shows
their importance. So, with the covers having medium close ups,
medium long shots and long shots on, that are all centered, it
again shows their importance. And though they are not in hot
spots they are on the rule of third lines and so can still draw the
eye and are conscious of Mise-en-sine.
What type of genre / sub-genre is the
This particular magazine will be in the sub-
genre of classical music. We know this firstly,
because the artist on the main image is
holding violin as a prop, which is classically
seen and herd in this genre of music.
Secondly, in the puff and one of the cover
lines the word composer is used to describe
a musician, this vocabulary is again generally
used for classical artists. Thirdly the cover
line under the main cover line says Glenn
Gold Bach genius or madman?.. this again
is using specific vocabulary that is relative
and will persuade the target audience to
purchase the cover. Finally the layout and
colour scheme are subtle and subdued which
fit with stereotypes that surround this music

Who is the target audience, and how
can you tell?
For this magazine and its genre I would
expect the target audience to be of a middle
age / older generation, around 40-70. This is
firstly because stereotypically the younger
generation dont listen to this sub-genre of
music. Also one of the sponsors appears to
be the BBC which, has been around for many
years so can have connotations with an elder
audience. And additionally is not associated
with more alternative sub-genres of music
that are again stereotypically listened to by
young people. Finally the colour scheme and
model are very conservative, minimal make-
up and only two min colours, because it is
often only young people who rely on
something being eye catching, an older
person may focus more on the content.

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