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E ARE ::

wholly Nigerian company which is fully incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C)
io Nigeria Ltd. Intentio handles IT related services such as:
n of client-oriented web services.
and web development.
e IT training.
engineering and networking.
d maintenance of computers (notebook PCs and desktop PCs) and accessories.

ON ::
on is to stay ahead of the pack by innovating new products and services based on the needs of our cust
t demand.

N ::
exceptional quality projects tailored to client’s budget and schedule.
technology more of a solution than a problem.
a complete overhaul of the way customers are treated via our client-centric approach.
DGE ::
and strength lie in our clients and how we handle them. Thus, our products and services differ from the
ric ones obtainable in the market today as ours are best tailored to meet the specific needs/requiremen
his dictates that our clients be fully carried along through every phase of our product design, impleme
nd deployment.

ou’ll always have your way.

operates under the effective management of the following individuals:
INS, mathematician with a vast IT experience . He was a computer instructor at the Electrical /Electronic
t of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta before moving to Abuja where he worked with Dexterite Interac
dia and information technology outfit. He later moved on to work with Afric Today Communications Ltd. Ab
e he moved on to co-found Bina:Package IT in 2006, a company he left at the helms of his colleagues.
un certified java programmer, has a Linux+ Administration certification as well as A+ hardware and netw
tion. He is also a member of the British Computer Society, UK.

. I . ADEGBEMBO has a BSc. in Surveying & Geo-Informatics from the University of Lagos. He is a programm
oper and computer trainer well versed in computer languages as, java, php, sql etc. He also
es in graphics and flash animations.
we deliver exceptional products and services specifically suited to meet the needs of our clients and
market demands. Below are some of our unique products:


are highly interactive and have a consistent theme, logo and overall corporate image of our clients.
me with full fledged features such as multimedia gallery, live support, search engine listings etc .

s giving expert advice and opinions on IT projects clients wish to undertake.

entio provides individual and collective trainings for individuals and organisations in Microsoft offi
(all platforms), networking, web development, graphics, hardware engineering etc

Intentio, we also specialize in developing customised applications to cater for small, medium or large
nd corporate purposes. Our's are developed using the best of technologies thus, providing applications
faces and functionalities.
w are some of our recent clients and services offered them:
matad Nigeria Ltd., Abuja (website development).
matad Engineering Ltd., Abuja (staff training & payroll software development).
f of Guinea Consulting, Abuja (website development).
tadrak Contracts Ltd. (website development, staff training, computer maintenance).
con International Ltd. (website development)
tama Amusement Park, Abuja (website development).
ek Nigeria Ltd. (IT consultancy services).
que Fusion Insurance Brokers (website development).
mier Academy, Abuja (IT training).