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Name: Fatin Najiha Abu Bakar
Class : 2 Feminin 2009
Title : Growth Chapter 5
1. Growth is a life process that occurs in all types of life.
2. Growth can be defined as:
 > Increase in body size
 > Increase in number of cells
 > Increase in weight
 > Changes in body shape
 > Changes in function of an organism
3. The growth of an unicellular organism involves:
 > Increase in size of a cell
 > Increase in mass of a cell
4. The growth of a multi cellular organism involves:
 > Increase in the number of cells
 > Increase in the size of the organism especially in:
 a) height
 b) weight
 > Changes in appearance
 > Changes in physical characteristics
 > Develop the complexity and function of the
5. The process of growth in an organism is permanent and
 The characteristic of human

1. The human growth pattern is a

sigmoid curve.
2. It is divided into five stages of
 a) Infancy
 b) Childhood
 c) Adolescence
 d) Adulthood
 e) Old age

1. The human growth curve is obtained by
plotting the height or weight
against time.
2. The rate of growth is the difference in
weight at suitable over a period of
3. Therefore, the gradient of the curve
indicates the rate of that particular
1. The rate of growth in human is the fastest, during:
 a) the development of foetus in the uterus.
 b) the first six month after birth
2. An infant grows very quickly in the first three year.
3. Childhood is a period of slow growth.
4. The adolescence is a period of very quick growth
 a)Sexual maturity or puberty is achieved during
 b) The teen years are adolescent period
5. Adulthood covers the early 20s until about 65. It is of
minimal growth.
6. Old age is the period of negative growth.
 a) negative growth means loss in weight
 b) tissues in the body break downs more quickly than
they can be
 repaired
Stages Growth pattern

0 to 3 years
Infancy Rapid growth until three years of age

( early stage ) Weight doubles after six months

Weight triples after one year

Childhood 3 to 12 year of age

Slow growth until adolescent stage

12 to 20 years of age

Adolescence Teen years

Growth rate increase

Sexual maturity or puberty achieved during

Starts from about 20 years of age

Adulthood this stage

Growth rate slows down

Maximum growth achieved and growth

Growth rate becomes negative
Old age Height and weight decrease slightly

Death at old age

Stages Comparison
Infancy 

( early stage ) Growth rates for baby and girls are generally
the same

Childhood From fouryears old a boys growth rates is faster

than a girls
term of weight
Adolescence Girls reach puberty at the age of 12