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Interview Presentation

Tell Me About Yourself

Have 8 years for Cisco Networking and Security Experience.
I worked as a design and deployment engineer with routing swithceg
firewall and F5 Load balancer. I worked with data center environment.
Campus environmnet, and also in extranet client environment.
And also worked with NOC environmentand also worked with On call
in the weekends.
and also in previous projects I worked as Layer 3 operations engineer
I did configure Nexus 7k, 5k, 2k(remote line cards).
Yes it was a design andd eoloyuemtn of converting 6509 to nexus
I did work with VPC, VDC and ISSU software upgrades. I did set up OTV
between the data centers using Nexus 7K and also FCOE on 5548
between the data centers

Also converting from sup 1 to sup 2..in the nexus 7k..also used M1 and F1 line
Sure.> Defintiely Will add these details thanks For ..
I have worked with ASR1002, ASR 1004 with IOS-XR and also did deploy ASR
routers in the Campus WAN environment with OC3 and Gigabit modules.
I worked with ASR 9000 with IOS XR and you worked with ASR 1002, 1004 with
Gigabit and OC3 modules for different campus designs
I have experience working with End Of life cycle for Cisco Routers and Switches in
Campus and Branch environment.
I have redesigned the Campus CORE, DISTRO, ACCESS Layer where we replaced
the old End of Life Cisco 6509 CatOS switches with new 4507 or 4510 Cisco IOS
switches and some projects we had replaced Old 6509 CatOS switches with New
Cisco IOS 6509 switches

Routing & Switching Projects

I also worked with extranet clients with Establishing IPSEC VPN tunnel
between ISR routers, and between router and firewall
Also worked on Projects like Setting up New Branch locations,
Projects like redesigning Campus WAN, CORE, DISTRO, ACCESS, LAB
Projects like changing routing of the location(RIP to OSPF),
projects like adding new switches/routers to the network
Firewall Projects
I have worked with Cisco firewalls, where I Converting PIX firewall to ASA
firewallI did upgraded the IOS on the ASA 5550 5585 5520
Mainly in Cisco Firewalls, I used to work on Projects like adding firewall
rules, Network address Translation, creating multiple security
contexts(virtual firewalls) , configuring high availability with active and
standby Failover, Creating Object groups, and also setting up IP sec VPN
between ASA firewalls, setting up Any Connect VPN on ASA firewall


Thanks for giving me more details.
I worked as a design and deployment engineer with routing swithceg
firewall and F5 Load balancer. I worked with data center environment.
Campus environmnet, and also in extranet client environment.
And also worked with NOC environmentand also worked with On call
in the weekends. I coordinate with different teams and as well with my
team leader and manger. Always update the stautus of the project and
be very punctual with the project submission.
I did worked with configuring F5 LTM 8950, 6900, VIPRION 2400 models.
Also did convert from Cisco ACE load baalcner to F5 LTM load abalcner
In F5 I did configure Virtual Servers, Configure Nodes, and Configuring the
load balancing Pools and also used to work with configuring load
balancing algorithms. I also configured Session based persistence and I
have leant configuring writing i-Rules for specific redirection purpose and
also i-rules for presistence

We also did TMSH or BIBPIPE. CLI.and also used F5 GTM for creating WIDE IPSs
Experience working with cisco 6509, 6513, and also with 6504 with different
supervisor engines like Sup 32, Sup 720, Sup we also had Cisco VSS using 6509
..in user distribution layer..

Tell Me About Your Self

I worked as a Network design and deploou,ment enginner..and also
workd with Layer 3 Operations enginner
I worked on Multiple projects related to Branch Networks, Campus
Networks, Extranet Clients and data center.
Also, very good experience with Designing, Implementing and
Troubleshooting Cisco Routers and Switches using different routing
protocols like RIP, OSPF, EIGRP, BGP, ISIS & MPLS L3
We use BGP as a WAN protoco toward the Service provider..and Use
EIGRP inside the network
We did redistrinyu bewqen the EIGRP/OSPF and BGP..using route maps
and preefix lists..
Hands on experience with LAN protocols like STP, RSTP, VTP, VLAN and
port channels protocols like LACP PAGP
WAN protocols like Frame relay, PPP,


Experience with working on cisco routers like 3800, 3900, 2800, 2900, ASR1002,
ASR9006 with IOS-XR, GSR 12016, 7200, 7600, ASR9006, CRS 1, Nexus 7k, Nexus
5k, 2k (only if asked 7010, 7009, 7018, 6001, 5548, 5596, 2232, 2148, 2248)
Experience with working on cisco switches like 2960, 3750, 4500, 6500, Nexus 7k
, Experience with working on Juniper Routers like, M320 and MX80, MX960,
MX480.. ..i worked onconfiure OSPF BGP..and route Policies
Experience with working on juniper switches like EX2200, EX2500
Experience with working on firewall series like ASA5510, 5520, 5550
I am presently working with NOC team in the present company and really like
working with in the operations team. Lot of learning every day and also
challenging also.
Mainly I used to support the layer 2 and layer 3 company issues, We work on
Routing, Swithing, Firewalls, and some times F5 load balancers. We also do
monitoring and resolve the tickets on the day to day basis. We have about 10 to
12 tickets. We some times design the configs, and do deployments, based on the
ticket type.
I worked with multiple service providers in Installing and Troubleshooting T1,
DS3,OC3 and Gigabit Circuits and 10 Gigabit circuits.

Tell Me About Your Self

Open to learn new Technologies and also used to attend Corporate
Trainings hosted with in the Company.
Implementing and maintaining network monitoring tools like Cisco Works,
HP Open view and network analyzers like Wireshark, solar winds tool.
Experience with Project documentation tools like VISIO, Excel
Ability to work with large teams as well as independently with minimum
supervision & Team Player
I worked on IPv6, QOS, multicasting
Definitely I will be comfortable....I will be able to understand the network
and communicate with different teams..and later troubleshoot.....bring
consistency in networks...some times there are no proper standards...
which can cause network outage.... I have very good at cisco standars and
hardening the network according to best practices

we had did a campus infrastructure refresh...both from technology..and

infrastructure we did work with multiple vendors like ATT and Level 3 for
service provider circuits also worked with change management
sysytem..for any network change.. and do lot of documents editing and
VISIO for diagraming...and Worked with hardware support team for rack
and stack and also cable replacement... during the migration used to host
the confernece call and also worked with business teams and applicaiton
teams...and we used to send notificaitons to the teams before and after
the migrations We usually do the migrations in the weekend or in the
nights...so based on the client availiability..
we used to prepare the design documents like configuration plan, backout
plan, test plan (Verification plan ) Ip address plan..and also schedule
vendors and get email confirmations...
I did replace the CORE 6500 CAT OS switches with CIsco IOS 6509 switches
Also replaced in WAN with ASR1002 routers.
I have redesigned the Access distro and core and wan layer in Campus
Also deplouyed Nexus 7k instead to Cisco 6500 CAT OS devices..
I also worked with VPC, VDC on the Nexus 7k...and also added fabric
extenders in the data center environment...