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Introduction to the use of RE-Studio

as a pre and post processor for


Lunching RE-Studio
Click on Start Menu
--All Programs
--RE Studio-Eclipse

RE-Studio Modules

--For Eclipse
--Project Manager
--PRT Viewer
--2D Viewer

For Eclipse Module

Open Data File

Open Data File

Opening Panel

Opening Panel

Left Side panel:

--Instant Help

Central Window:
--editing panel

Bottom panel:
--Error List

Right Side Panel:

--Keyword Browser
--Explore Keyword
--File Explorer

Side Panel: Instant Help

Any keyword in
Eclipse Manual

Side Panel: Keyword Browser

Double Click
on keyword to
Find it in the data

Bottom Panel: List Error

How to check for Errors?

Bottom Panel: List Error

Bottom Panel: List Error

Double Click on the Error

to find the error in data file

Make a comment in data file

Make a comment in data file

Eclipse will ignore that line

Remove a comment in data file

that line comes back to life!

Inspect Fluid and Rock Properties

Fluid Properties (PVT)

Select Fluid Tab

Rock Properties (kr and Pc)

Select RT (Rock
Type) Tab

To go back to data file

Save data file


dataset after all

and checks

Are you ready to run Eclipse?!

Select Run E100 or Press F5


dataset after
all correction
and checks

After few seconds

Check for
Then, close the DOS window

Look to the results of a successful

simulation run
2D Viewer Module

2D Viewer Module

Open Summary file (.UNSMRY)

Open Summary File, select the

respective .UNSMRY file

To Plot: Drag and Drop

From Quick Plot

panel select
property to plot
and drag into the
ventral panel

To add more lines to graph:

Drag and Drop

To modify Axis Range: Double Click on Axis

To Create New Graph: Add panel

Drag and Drop

more properties
to create a new

Panel 2: New Graph

To Add a New Graph on a Panel

To Duplicate a Panel

Panel 3 will be
added with the
same graphs as
Panel 2

Calculate and Plot New Property (1)

e.g. Pressure
between Injection
and Production

Calculate and Plot New Property (2)

Use Compute

Calculate and Plot New Property (3)

First write a name for the new property and
select Create

Then select
the Current

Calculate and Plot New Property (4)

New Property: Press. Diff.= (WBHP)Inj- (WBHP)Prod

--Double click on WBHP for injection well

-- minus
-- Double click on WBHP for production well
-- Save
-- Close

Calculate and Plot New Property ()

User Series has been added to the

Quick Plot Panel:
Plot Press Diff as a New Property

To close one panel use ,for all panels

To copy a graph: go to Tools

paste the copied

graph on MS Word
or PowerPoint