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Progression towards


Andrew WOOD , IT
Thin-clients workstations
for the upcoming IT progressive development

• essence of our company IT strength

Thick client vs thin client
( High mobility development )

Scalability of thin-client cluster
• Scale-up
– Interoperability (compatibility by converting some old pc using
window or igel card for PC )
– Portability
– Simplicity
– Readiness from different regional office’s IT cooepration

• Acquisition of igel card or igel workstation

– Vendor liaison

Other requirements

Change Dedicated Deployment time Maintenance

management resources control
For installation

Andrew wood ( rev Jan 2010)
Other KPI for the rationale
behind thin-client cluster
• Thin clinet - technology that enables resource
virtualization, on-demand provisioning, and service
(resource) sharing between organizations."

• "a type of parallel and distributed system that enables

the sharing, selection, and aggregation of
geographically distributed autonomous resources
dynamically at runtime depending on their availability,
capability, performance, cost, and users' quality-of-
service requirements“ (Buyya )

• "a service for sharing computer power and data storage

capacity over the Internet." (CERN) 6
Can hardware using igel client
instead of traditional PC


Network stack

Operating system

KPI to consider during comparison

• Usability (installation, IT support, workstation

• Efficiency (without considering individual workstation
CPU / memory / HDD)
• Reliability
• portability
Thin-client (xp and linux options available with
igel vendor)
• Igel got window-based option, additional igel hardware
card and Linux-based option
• Linux-based option do not have flash, adobe-reader
etc plug-in preinstalled, therefore the test unit that we
have tried, we have to install it before deployment

• Linux do not have license fees cost

• Linux is a very stable multi-task system ( that is not a
factor of consideration in our usage)
• Other free software for linux could / might be installed
in the igel linux unit
• Conclusion: this igel linux is
Advantages of using igel thin clients cluster

• Network load balancing – is quite low when compared

to traditional PC networking
• Productivity hours per person per day would be
enhanced – as Activity will be high related to work
assigned by the company
• Our articulation rely on the efficiency of carrying out
the daily routine of each employee ( most employee
excel in their own work routine )
• Therefore, thin-client provide good data access ,
• Reliability of the network (like UPS, good ISP service is