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Weld Types - Plug Weld

Plug Weld
Plug welds are used to replace factory
spot welds.
The plug weld is formed by punching
or drilling a 5/16 hole in the outer
panel to be joined.
Duplicate the number and location of
the original factory spot welds.
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Plug Welds on Rail

Plug Welds are
used with
other weld
types such as
the butt with
backing as
shown in this
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Plug Weld
With the example given you should have
a basic understanding of what a plug
weld is and where it is used.
Print off the Plug Weld- Task
Performance Sheet
The next step is to tune the welder and
perform a Plug Weld that will be
evaluated visually and destructively.
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Preparing to Weld
Select two 3x5
Punch a series of
holes with the
5/16 metal punch.
Place this coupon
on top of the other.

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Plug Weld Techniques

Two Recommended Techniques

Start in center of hole

and move around the

Start circling on the

edge and finish in the

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Practice both techniques to find your
preferred method.
When you have a good weld move on
to the next assignment.

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Using two 3x5
coupons punch a
5/16 hole in one
Position this
coupon over the
other as shown.
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With your preferred technique make a
plug weld that completely fills the hole.
This weld will be visually inspected and
destructively tested.

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Plug Weld
A Good Weld

completely fill
the hole.
Have a dimple in
the center of the
Have a
ripple on the
back of the
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Using I-Cars WQT Gauge

I-Car has provided
a gauge to help in
visually inspecting
the welds for:

bead length

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Using I-Cars WQT Gauge

Check the Minimum and Maximum Diameter.

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I-Car MIG Welding Gauge

Next check the bead height.

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Record the Results

After the visual inspection is complete
record the results on the task
performance sheet and have the
instructor verify your results.
Now the destructive test will need to be

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Destructive Weld Test

Secure bottom
coupon in vise.
Bend top piece
back and forth to
separate coupons.
A hole should
remain in the
bottom coupon.
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Final Weld Series

When the welds pass the visual and
destructive test observe the final voltage
and wire speed setting.
Mark the destructive test results on the
task performance sheet.
Complete your final plug weld series in
the flat vertical and overhead position.
Turn these in for final grading.
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