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By; Luis & Moy

Old Immigrants

Old Immigrants

New Immigrants

New Immigrants

Ellis Island
Ellis Island opened in 1892 as a federal
immigration station.
It served for more than 60 years. It closed
in 1924.
Ellis Island was located in New York

Ellis Island
In Ellis Island they had to pass inspection.
About 20 percent of the immigrants at Ellis
Island were detained for a day or more
before being inspected.
First The had to pass a physical
examination by a doctor.
Anyone with a disease was sent back

Ellis Island
Those who passed the medical exam
reported to a government inspector.
About 17 million immigrants came to Ellis
Island from europe.

Ellis Island

Angel Island
Asians primarily Chinese were arriving on
the west coast.
They gained admission at Angel Island in
San Francisco Bay.
From 1910 to 1940 about 50,000 Chinese
immigrants entered the U.S.

Angel Island
Immigrants endured harsh questioning and a
long detention in filthy buildings while they
waited to find out whether they would be
admitted into the U.S. or rejected.

Angel Island

Melting Pot
Peoples from various cultures come to
America and contribute parts of their
culture to create a new unique American
Contributions from these cultures are
melted together.

City Dwellers
o offered steady jobs for unskilled workers.
Americanization movement - assimilate people of
wide-ranging cultures into the dominant culture.
o Sponsored by govt. and concerned citizens.
o Volunteers provided programs to help the
newcomers learn the ways of native-born

Salad Bowl
There are times when newly arrived
immigrants do not lose the unique aspects
of their cultures, instead they keep them.

Language, foods, religions, and holidays.

Also known as the theory of Pluralism.

Favoritism toward native-born Americans.
The American Association(1887) - launched anti-Catholic attacks.
o causing refusal of jews in many colleges, businesses, and social
Congress passed a bill requiring immigrants to read 40 words in Native
o language would be refused entry if they could not.

Chinese Exclusion Act(1882)

Workingmens Party
o Anti-Chinese movement (Denis Kearney)
Chinese Exclusion Act(1882) - Banning entry to all Chinese immigrants
except students, teachers, merchants, tourists, and government
officials for ten years.
1892 - congress extended law for ten years.
1902 - Chinese immigration was restricted indefinitely.
o law repealed in 1943.

Gentlemens Agreement(1907-1908)
San Francisco Segregation order.
Theodore Roosevelt made a deal with Japans
o Japan agreed to limit emigration of unskilled
workers to U.S in exchange for the repeal of the
San Francisco segregation order.

National Origins Acts(1924-1929)

Johnson--Reed Act or the Immigration Act of 1924.
o Limited the # of immigrants allowed entry into the
U.S through a national origins quota.
o Provided immigration visas to 2% of each
nationality into the U.S.

The End